Best Condoms for Oral Sex

Oral sex can be an enjoyable and exciting part of any couple’s sex life. While receiving oral sex is not terribly unsafe, as there have been no reported or documented cases of HIV infecting the receiver of oral sex, this is not the case if you are giving oral sex. Giving oral sex absolutely can result in being infected with many types of sexually transmitted diseases.

Due to the nature of oral sex or fellatio, the giver is exposed to pre-cum, as well as semen. By simply having some of these bodily fluids in your mouth, you can be infected with whatever sexually transmitted disease your partner has, including HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis and others.

Try Flavored Condoms

Much of the safe sex information out there says that you should use condoms for oral sex. However, this can be quite uncomfortable and even gross for the person giving the oral sex. Typical latex condoms can have an unpleasant taste.

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This can make giving oral sex a real turn-off. So what’s the solution? How can you make oral sex comfortable for both partners while still being safe by using a condom? Enter the amazing flavored condom.

You’d be surprised at how many flavors are available and how good they can taste.

Use Non-lubricated Condoms

Non-lubricated condoms can also be a good option. Lubricated condoms are made with lubrication already on the condom, and this kind of lubrication can have an unpleasant taste, not to mention that this lubrication is not meant to be ingested.

Some might prefer to use non-lubricated condoms with some type of food. Honey, jam, sauces, your favorite drink, these can all be used to make the condom taste better.

Just make sure the food is not oil based. For example, while many people love peanut butter, it would certainly not make a good lubricant for oral sex, especially the chunky kind.

However, if raiding your kitchen for foods that will make oral sex tastier for you seems a bit out there, you can opt for flavored condoms. Just 10 years ago, there weren’t as many flavored condoms available as there are now.

Nowadays, there’s a wide range of flavors that you can try. Flavors are available from chocolate to fruit flavors all the way to things like mint or bubble gum.

Here are some top condom choices that are perfect for oral sex:


Trojan ENZ Non Lubricated Condoms

This a non-lubricated version of a popular Trojan ENZ condom. Classic design with no extra lube and a lot of high customer ratings makes them a popular choice for anyone looking for a non lubricated condom.

Click here and order them online.


Lifestyles Ultra-Sensitive Non-lubricated Condoms

Available in packs of 12, 36 or 100, these condoms are super-thin and ideal for oral sex. They also contain no spermicide. Reviews of this condom say there is no unpleasant taste or after-taste.

If you prefer no flavor in your condoms, this is a great choice.
You can order them here.

glyde vanilla condom

GLYDE Organic Flavored Condoms

For anyone who is eco-conscious or concerned about chemicals in your condoms, here’s an exciting variety of flavored condoms from Glyde.

These condoms are ethical, eco-friendly, and vegan and come in organic flavors including vanilla, berry, licorice, strawberry and blueberry.

Buy Glyde condoms here.

trustex flavored

Trustex Assorted Flavors Non-lubricated Condoms

From the well-known Trustex brand comes this sampler pack of a dozen of their popular flavored condoms including vanilla, chocolate, cola, banana and grape.

These condoms are also sugar-free.
Order them on Condomania.

durex tropical

Durex Tropical Condoms

Well-know condom brand Durex offers a mix of flavored condoms which boast a low scent of latex and a nice mix of popular flavors in different colors.

Theses flavors include Apple, orange, banana and strawberry. These condoms come lightly lubricated.

You can purchase a box of Durex Tropical condoms on Condomania. They can also find them as a part of the Durex Pleasure Pack.

lifestyles luscious flavors

Lifestyles Luscious Flavors

These condoms from the well-known Lifestyles brand boast intense flavors including strawberry, vanilla and banana. Reviews on these say the flavors are very high quality, food grade flavors.

Find them on

While these ultra-sensitive and flavored condoms are great options for protecting both partners during oral sex, it would also be wise to check your partner’s genitalia before oral sex. Look for any type of lesions, growths, discharge or redness.

Many sexually transmitted diseases have no symptoms at all, so if you see anything on their penis that doesn’t seem right, you may want to think twice.

If you aren’t going to be using a condom or you don’t have any available, at least try not to allow any pre-cum or semen to sit in your mouth, and for goodness sake, don’t swallow.

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