Best Tasting Flavored Condoms

In the last few years, something exciting has been happening in the flavored condom market. Even though these specialty condoms have been around awhile, exciting new flavors are spicing up the market, making oral sex much more exciting and pleasurable for both partners.

Luckily, like with food and drinks, there are now a number of studies and tests that have been performed on flavored condoms to find out which ones taste best. Let’s find out, shall we?

The Huffington Post recently did a taste test of eight different condom flavors, including such fruity flavors as strawberry, banana and grape, along with more exotic flavors like cola, marijuana and chocolate. Also tested were vanilla and garlic.

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The Huffington Post placed the condoms on bananas for the tasting. Then they had staffers come in and lick the condoms.

Overwhelmingly, and perhaps not surprisingly, chocolate was considered the best tasting. They noted that the grape flavor was very pungent and had a strong grape smell though. They noted that cola also have a very authentic flavor, but it wasn’t very strong.
Flavored condoms testCredit: Marc Janks / Huffington Post

A blog on the Houston Press newspaper site also did a recent taste test. Their results were quite different.

durex tropicalThe Houston Press tested slightly different flavors, including strawberry, tropical, grape, chocolate, mint, banana, vanilla and cola. The winner was strawberry, by a clear margin. Also rated highly were Durex tropical flavored condoms and grape flavor. They also noted that the Durex tropical condoms were difficult to find in stores, so online may be your best bet if you want to find these (check here).

So if flavored condoms sound like something you’d like to try, then consider some of the following options:
Chocolate – Ranked at the top by the Huffington Post test, you can get chocolate flavored condoms from the Trustex brand. You may be able to find them at your local drugstore, but you are more likely to find them in stock at Amazon.

strawberryStrawberry – Strawberry flavored condoms were ranked highly by the Houston Press testers. Again, these are mainly made by a company called Trustex. You can find them online at Amazon or specialty condom stores. Local sex toy shops may also be good sources to find these specialty condoms.

variety flavorsMulti Flavor Pack – Multi-flavor packs contain a variety of flavors for you to try out. Then you can do your own taste test in the privacy of your own bedroom. Then find out which you like best and order more of that flavor. This is certainly the best option since the results of the Huffington Post and Houston Press tests were so varied. One test ranked chocolate highest and the other ranked it near the bottom of their test, so go figure! Order it here.

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