Hi, my name is Peter and I’m the owner and chief editor of condom-sizes.org. Over the years, through testing all sorts of different condoms, I realized that some of them feel more comfortable and are a lot more enjoyable than the others. After doing some research I found out that condom size is one of the most important factors which can make a big impact on both the level of pleasure and protection during sexual intercourse. Condom manufacturers often neglect this fact by limiting the variety of condom sizes which they produce.
Guides and condom charts on this site should help you find your perfect fit.
Beside the size there are some other factors which can make a difference to your experience, like condom material, shape, thickness…and we also wrote about these.

I really hope that articles and resources on condom-sizes.org will help you find the best condom for your needs.

I’d be happy to hear your suggestions and ideas! Please use this Contact form if you have any comments or questions.


With time this blog grew in terms of traffic and engagement. In 2014 condom-sizes.org gets more than 250,000 pageviews each month and over 100,000 unique visitor. If you sell condoms, lubricants or any similar products, and want to expand your reach and increase targeted visitors to your website, then advertising on condom-sizes.org might be a perfect solution.

Contact me and we’ll discuss how I could help you promote your website or product.

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