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okamoto zero zero one

OKAMOTO ZERO ONE 0.01mm Condom

Any condom enthusiast will know that not too long ago, Sagami introduced a rather revolutionary condom. It was 0.018mm thick. This was one of the thinnest condoms on the market, but only for a short …
thinnest condoms

Thinnest Condoms In The World

Common complaint about condoms is that they decrease the sensation and that the process of putting a condom on somehow kills the excitement. Well, if your willy goes down while you’re putting a condom, I’m …
sagami original 001

New Sagami Original 0.01 Thinner Than Ever Before

President of Sagami Rubber Industries Ltd, world known Japanese condom manufacturer, recently announced that they’ve developed and put in manufacturing “Sagami Original 0.01”! Sagami Original rose to fame for its high levels of success and …