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Source: Consumer Reports

Two years ago Consumer Reports tested 20 condoms for their quality and reliability. All tested condoms got the passing grades but some of them stood out from the others. As two years have passed we cannot say if these tests would be the same these days (maybe some of the manufacturers changed their quality standards in the meantime – for better or worse), but I think you’ll still be interested to see the results.
They’ve tested condoms in several categories, rating them by strength, reliability and leakage.

Firstly, testers check the packaging, to see if it’s properly sealed. Openings and holes let air inside that can cause deterioration and increase the risk of failure.
Secondly, they use submersion tests to check if condoms have any holes and leaks by filling them with a fluid.
They also performed the burst test – they would inflate condoms until they burst and record the volume and pressure. This test determines strength and reliability.

So, enough with the theory, lets see the results and ratings.

Rank Brand & ModelPrice per condom
in $
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Overall score
0 - 100
1Durex Performax0.46100
2Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive Lubricated0.47100
3Lifestyles Warming Pleasure0.83100
4Trojan Her Pleasure Ecstasy0.67100
5Trojan Magnum Lubricated0.63100
6Trojan Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy1.04100
7Trojan Ultra Thin0.64100
8Durex Extra Sensitive0.3696
10Lifestyles Ultra Thin Lubricated0.4796
11Beyond Seven Sheerlon Latex0.3592
12Durex Pleasuremax0.4792
13One Super Sensitive0.6492
14Trojan ThinTensity0.7188
15Durex Sensi Thin0.6488
16Kimono MicroThin0.7185
17Trojan MagnumTwister1.2184
18Trojan Extended Pleasure0.6479
19Lifestyles Triple Pleasure0.6074
20Night Light Glow in the Dark0.9538

*I’ve updated the price per condom with the recent price per condom in a 12-pack (if available) from Undercover condoms online condom store or Amazon.
Source: Consumer Reports

For me results came a bit as a surprise, few of my favorites didn’t make it near the top. I repeat, all condoms met the minimum criteria and you will get the most protection with any condom if you’re using it properly. However, maybe you would feel safer if you used one of those best rated condoms.
So, are there any surprises with these results for you?

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