ONE® Flex™: The First Graphene-Infused Condom

oneflexONE® has recently introduced the ONE® Flex™, claiming the title of the world’s first graphene-infused condoms. These condoms are engineered to be among the thinnest on the market, aiming to offer a unique combination of durability and sensitivity.

Unfortunately, there is no specific measurement provided for the thickness of these condoms, making it difficult to compare them directly with other ultra-thin condoms.

Features and Innovations

The integration of graphene, known as the strongest and thinnest material discovered, with Sensatex®, ONE’s proprietary ultra-soft vegan latex, forms the core innovation of the ONE® Flex™. This mix results in a condom that claims to be not only ultra-thin but also highly flexible.

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Notable Characteristics:

  • Graphene and Sensatex® Combination: This technology promises a thin yet strong condom that adapts well to the body, potentially enhancing comfort without compromising safety.
  • Heat Transfer: ONE® Flex™ is designed to enhance body heat transfer by 85% compared to traditional latex condoms, aiming to provide a more natural and intimate sensation.
  • Health and Safety Standards: These condoms are vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and free from parabens, gluten, dyes, and fragrances, appealing to users with specific health considerations.
  • ONE® Flex™ Condom Size: These condoms have a nominal width of 54mm and an average length of 191mm, dimensions that are just a tiny bit larger than standard condoms.

User Feedback and Clinical Trials

Feedback on the ONE® Flex™ has been mostly positive. In clinical trials, the preference was reportedly 2 to 1 in favor of the ONE® Flex™ over standard latex condoms, suggesting a favorable reception to the feel and functionality of the product.

Despite the positive reviews, there have been a few reports of the condoms breaking. Although these incidents are very rare, they are important to remind you of the importance of choosing the right condom size. If you usually go for large size condoms these won’t provide the best fit for you. Same if you need a small condom.

Regulatory Compliance and Safety Testing

The ONE® Flex™ condoms have been cleared for sale by the FDA and undergo triple testing for safety, ensuring they meet the necessary regulatory standards. The addition of graphene is noted not only for its potential to enhance the condom’s properties but also for giving it a distinctive charcoal hue.

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The introduction of the ONE® Flex™ represents a significant innovation in the condom industry, with its use of graphene potentially setting new benchmarks for thinness and strength in condoms.

However, like all products, it is important to consider both the positive feedback and the instances of breakage reported by some users. Proper usage and picking the right condom size is essential to maximize both the safety and effectiveness of any condom, particularly those claiming ultra-thin properties.

For those interested in exploring new options in sexual health products, the ONE® Flex™ offers an intriguing choice, though it’s advisable to weigh its benefits and drawbacks carefully.

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