Non-Lubricated Condoms To Try Out

Non-lubricated condoms have a variety of benefits for certain people or for certain situations. They provide one of the best options for people that want to use a condom for oral sex because lubricants can often entail an unpleasant taste or odor.

Also, they contain chemicals that can cause allergies in some predisposed people and hence are not a good option for them. Although most lubricants are water-based, they do have additives that can sometimes lead to allergic reactions, such as rashes or swelling.

Finally, non-lubricated condoms permit users to choose and apply their own lubricants or to avoid lubrication altogether to achieve a natural feel.

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trojan no lubeThe major condom producers each offer non-lubricated options for consumers to choose and use if they want to avoid messy lubricants yet ensure quality and reliability.

Trojan, for example, manufactures a non-lubricated condom made from premium quality latex (Trojan ENZ Non-lubricated). Its design entails a special reservoir end. Trojan electronically tests each condom to ensure reliability, as well.

Those who prefer Lifestyles brand are probably glad to know that Lifestyles also has a non-lubricated latex condom, ideal for oral sex: Lifestyles Sensitive Non-lubricated, which is also slightly thinner than regular condoms.

Designed for people with allergies to lubricants, Durex offers only one non-lubricated condom: the Natural Feeling Non-Lubricated. It also has a reservoir tip and has been designed to fit naturally on the penis for the sake of comfort and sensitivity (UPDATE – unfortunately, this condom has been discontinued).

atlas no-lubeIn addition to the major producers, Trustex and Atlas also manufacture non-lubricated condoms for consumers.

A bit cheaper than the options provided by Trojan or Durex, Atlas’s Non-Lubricated Condom has excellent quality and feature smooth latex for comfort and sensitivity.

They also have a reservoir tip. Trustex manufactures a series of non-lubricated condoms that come in a variety of colors and flavors.

trustex no lubeApproved for strength and protection, Trustex’s Assorted Colors Non-Lube condoms entail a bit of humor and cheekiness and come in many bright colors. Finally, Trustex have designed a non-lubricated flavored condom specifically for oral sex.

The Trustex Assorted Flavors Non-Lubricated condom comes in five rich and pleasing flavors: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, banana, and mint.

Lubricated condoms dominate the marketplace, but they do not satisfy everyone’s wants and needs. For oral sex and to avoid allergic reactions, non-lubricated condoms made by Trojan, Durex, Lifestyles, Atlas, and Trustex represent safe and effective options.

Are there any larger or smaller non-lubricated condoms?

As you have probably guessed all these non-lubricated condoms mentioned above come at a standard size, at 52-53mm width and length from 180mm (Atlas Non-Lubricated) up to 200mm (Trojan ENZ Non-lubricated). If you’re looking for a small or large non-lubricated condom you won’t find much!

There is a danish condom brand which produces just a marginally larger non-lubricated condom at 54mm width. It’s called Kontakt Silky-Dry by World’s Best and you can buy it on


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