Does Dollar General Sell Condoms? A Guide to Their Sexual Wellness Products

We recently wrote about whether Dollar Tree sells condoms, so you might have wondered how about Dollar General – do they stock condoms?

The answer is, luckily, YES. You can find condoms at Dollar General, and you can even order them on their official website.
does dollar general sell condoms

What kind of condoms does Dollar General sell?

It seems that they currently only offer the Lifestyles brand. Besides condoms, they also stock pregnancy tests and a personal lubricant.

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If you visit their official website and check the Sexual Wellness page, currently you can find 3 types of condoms listed:

Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive (12-count box)

lifestyles ultra sensitiveThese are lubricated thin condoms made of latex that come in a regular size.
Condom Width: 53mm
Condom Length: 7.75″
Condom Thickness: 0.066mm

The current price at Dollar General is $4.85, which is excellent. I actually didn’t find them anywhere for less than that, and I’ve checked the following stores:

These are the only condoms that Dollar General has in stock at the moment of writing, at least on their website.

Lifestyles SKYN Original (3-count box)

skynThese are thin non-latex condoms made of polyisoprene and are an excellent option for those who suffer from latex allergy.

It’s too bad they are currently out of stock.

They come in regular size with a 53mm width, 7.5″ inches length and a thickness of 0.06mm.

The current listed price is $2.27. Again, that’s an excellent price, and I’ve checked several stores:

Lifestyles Premium Pack Condoms 12 count

lifestyles premium packThis is a variety pack that includes 3 types of condoms:

  • Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive
  • SKYN Elite – ultra-thin condoms made of polyisoprene; 10% thinner than SKYN Original
  • Lifestyles Ultra Ribbed – textured condoms for extra excitement

All these are regular-sized and come lubricated with an ultra-glide lube.

This is, again, a great value. These are listed at $5.85 but are currently out of stock.
This particular variety pack is not so common. I didn’t find it at the usual retailers, but I ran into it on Uber Eats and Shipt.

Final Words

So there you go. Dollar General offers condoms; however, only a few types, and they are often out of stock.

On the other hand, the price is very competitive, so in case you run into them, and you need a regular-size condom, I’d say – give it a go!

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