Best Condoms For Her Pleasure

Some women struggle to orgasm with penetration alone. Therefore, you may want to consider using condoms that enhance the woman’s pleasure further.

There are so many different types of condoms on the market, but you may not realize that there are condoms specially designed to improve the experience for her.

In this post, we are going to explore the best condoms for her pleasure. We will go into how they work and give you some great examples for you to try.

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How Do They Work?

Condoms that designed with the woman’s pleasure in mind, are textured with ribs or dots. Ribbed condoms have small raised ridges running around them.

The purpose of these ridges is to increase the sensation by increasing friction. Dotted condoms achieve similar results with raised bumps. There are several condoms on the market that use both ribs and dots to give maximum stimulation.

Textured latex and polyurethane condoms are usually more expensive than your standard ones. Most are as effective against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as regular condoms made of the same material.

But you should check before you buy, as some textured condoms are only suitable for enhancing pleasure.

Textured condoms can enhance the experience for both of you, as she experiences additional friction, while the guy gets a confidence boost.

Textured condoms are worth experimenting with, as they can feel great and bring extra fun to your experience.

Not All Women Like The Same Things

Although these condoms are all designed to tip her over the edge with stimulation from giving extra friction, there is something you need to consider.

This type of condom may not suit everyone, as some women can find textured condoms to be uncomfortable or painful, as the design can be quite aggressive. Therefore, you may want to choose condoms with more subtle texturing if you are new to this type of condom.

We are now going to go through some of the best condoms for her pleasure. We have chosen these condoms as they enhance your sexual experience while protecting you from STIs and pregnancy.

Trojan Stimulations Ecstasy

stimulations ecstasyTrojan has been the number one bestseller of condoms in America for over 100 years. They are known for their premium quality latex that promotes exceptional safety and reliability. Trojan has more than 30 varieties of condoms in their range.

The Trojan Stimulations (Ultra Ribbed) Ecstasy condoms have an unusual shape, but their revolutionary design gives both of you more pleasure.

From the guy’s perspective, they give you ultimate comfort and a natural sensation that almost feels like it is not there.

Deep ridges at the base and the end of the condom, give them their texture. These ridges are perfectly placed and deep enough to increase stimulation and enhance pleasure.

Their unique tapered shape gives a loose feeling without a teat for a more natural look and a snug and secure fit around the base. The idea of this design is to allow freedom of movement for a more natural experience.

The Trojan Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy condoms are coated inside and out, in the UltraSmooth Premium Lubrication, to enhance pleasure for both of you.

The shape and design of the Trojan Stimulations Ecstacy condoms make them a great option for couples that want to experiment with fun and pleasurable condoms.

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Okamoto Beyond Seven Studded

beyond sevenOkamoto is one of the world’s leading condom manufacturers. The state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing process of the Beyond Seven range gives us condoms that are thin and strong.

The idea behind the Beyond Seven range is to provide the wearer with a more natural experience to make it feel like you are not wearing a condom.

The Beyond Seven’s patented Sheerlon Latex with Stimu-Texture gives you the closest experience to not wearing a condom at all.

This Sheerlon latex is also strong and durable, which allows them to be made much thinner than an ordinary latex condom.

Each Beyond Seven condom is individually tested with precise electrostatic technology to ensure maximum reliability.

In addition to its strength, Sheerlon has a silky, natural feel that is similar to skin, which further enhances their natural feeling.

The Beyond Seven Studded condoms have studs throughout the material strategically placed to increase friction, enhancing stimulation.

However, the studs on these condoms are quite subtle, meaning they are ideal for couples that want to try textured condoms for the first time, without choosing ones with a texture that is too aggressive.

It can be challenging to find condoms that give pleasure to both partners. But this is not the case with the Beyond Seven Studded condoms, as they provide a great feeling for all involved.

The thin latex gives him that barely-there feeling, while she can enjoy the extra stimulation from the texturing provided by the studs, without the risk of them being uncomfortable.

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Durex Performax Intense

performax intenseDurex has long been a big player in the contraception market. They are a well-established brand that produces reliable and dependable products.

Durex Performax Intense condoms enhance pleasure for both men and women, by speeding her up and slowing him down. For her, the dots and ribs create texture that enhances her orgasm, while the specially formulated lubricant helps him last longer.

These latex condoms are ideal for couples that are interested in controlling their climax. The lubricant is activated by body heat, which has an effect of desensitizing him by 5%.

The idea of this lubricant is to delay his climax while increasing stamina. The Durex Performax Intense condoms give you longer-lasting enjoyment by improving endurance.

The ribs and dots on the outside to ensure maximum mutual pleasure for the receiving partner. The fitted shape keeps the delaying lubricant safely on the inside of the condom.

If you are looking to control stamina and prolong your enjoyment, the Durex Performax Intense condoms are an excellent choice to experiment with.

However, if you feel that your staying power is not an issue, you may want to use one of the other condoms on this list, as the desensitizing lubricant may make it difficult for you to climax.

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Lelo Hex

For women that do not like the feel of textured condoms, you may want to consider the Lelo Hex.

The Lelo Hex is a re-engineered condom with a revolutionary design. It uses an internally integrated hexagonal pattern, covering the entire inside of the condom.

This award-winning design prevents the condom slipping and breaking, reducing your pleasure. The unique design of the Lelo Hex not only reduces slippage, but it allows it to mold around the penis for the best fit possible.

Additionally, any damage that may occur to the condom stays on the outside, making it very safe.

The Lelo Hex comes in clean white packaging with black writing. This look is classy and discreet, which may be preferable to put in your wallet over a brightly colored packet from other brands.

The feel of the latex is soft and has the feeling of skin rather than synthetic material, with a subtle hexagonal pattern. The sensation the Lelo Hex gives the woman is unique.

Many women claim that it is almost a better experience than without it. And for him, it creates a fantastically natural feeling, while being less cumbersome than other condoms.

Even though the Lelo Hex stays firmly in place, it does not give any hint of restriction, increasing circulation, and pleasure.


Durex Pleasure Me

Durex has developed many different types of condom to suit different preferences of different people, including ones that enhance her pleasure. One of these products is the Durex Pleasure Me condom.

In the colorful Durex Pleasure Me box, there are six pre-lubricated condoms, individually wrapped in pink and silver foil pouches.

The shape of these condoms gives you a comfortable fit and makes them very easy to put on. But when it comes to enhancing her pleasure, they are textured, with both ribs and dots.

They have a slight latex smell to them, but it is not strong enough to be overpowering or off-putting. There is enough water-based lubricant on these condoms for most people, but not too much, so you can add extra if you wish.

The dots cover most of the condom, with the ribs further towards the base. The texture of the Durex Pleasure Me condoms is quite subtle, so they are a good option for experimenting with if you have never tried textured condoms before.


Pasante Ribs & Dots

Pasante was established in 2000 and bought by Karex, the largest manufacturer of condoms, in 2016. Their experience means that they are a very well established manufacturer of condoms, with a focus on safety and fun.

Pasante’s product range includes several textured condoms, and a great example is the Pasante Ribs and Dots Condoms. These are anatomically shaped condoms, made to be extremely comfortable.

They have a textured profile that comes from a pattern of ribs and dots strategically placed to enhance the sexual stimulation of both partners.

They have a transparent appearance and a straight shape, with a teat at the end. You will notice that the Pasante Ribs and Dots condoms are slightly thinner than ordinary condoms at 0.065mm for more sensitivity.

Even though they are thin, they are CE marked and Kitemarked, meaning that they have passed all stringent quality tests and are no less safe than the thicker condoms you will find on the market.

The Pasante Ribs and Dots condoms are dermatologically tested, ensuring that they do not irritate your skin. They have also undergone electronic testing to confirm their quality and integrity.

At 190mm, they are longer than other condoms on the market, which are usually 180mm in length. They are also one of the widest, regular-sized condoms at 54mm.

They come ready with lots of non-spermicide lubricants. But please bear in mind that they are latex-based.

Therefore, if you want to use additional lubricant, we recommend that you use a water-based lube. So there is no risk of degradation of the material.

The Pasante Ribs and Dots condoms are ideal for couples that want to increase their fun in the bedroom, by enhancing penetrative sex.

In addition to their quality, Pasante Ribs and Dots are good value for money, making them ideal for people that plan on using them a lot.


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