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The nation of Japan has over the years perfected the art of manufacturing some of the thinnest condoms in the world, whether latex or otherwise, without compromising on the tensile strength and safety of the products.

In this post, we will be exploring a range of deluxe condoms from some of Japan’s biggest industry players including Okamoto, Sagami, and Aoni in the hopes that the information herein will give you a starting point when it comes to choosing a brand the next time you are at the convenience store.

Discover more about our best picks below.

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Sagami Original 002

sagami 002The Sagami Original 0.02 was launched in 2005 as the second major breakthrough for the Sagami Company in their quest to develop a condom from Polyurethane.

The Sagami Original 002 is only 20 microns thick, which is only a third of the thickness of a conventional latex condom.

The condom has been developed so thin to elicit heightened sensitivity during intercourse. In fact, most user reviews assert that using the Sagami Original 002 is almost similar to using no condom at all.

The Sagani Original 002 packaging is also quite unique; each condom comes in its own little Blister Pack, sealed shut by a foil lid that is easy to peel off.

This kind of packaging, unlike sachet packing, protects the condom from damage during transportation and during the unwrapping process.

The interior of the packaging is powder-free, with only a silicon-based lubricant surrounding the condom, which further serves to keep the condom in pristine shape for up to 10 years.

The silicon-based lubricant will ensure smooth sliding during intercourse, allowing you to experience the full range of sensitivity you would experience during unprotected sex, but under safe conditions.

Additionally, since the condom is made of a non-latex material it is suitable for those with a latex allergy.

You should, however, keep in mind that polyurethane doesn’t stretch as much as latex, which might make it a bit harder to roll-on. However, once it is slipped on, it feels smoother and lighter, which allows you and your partner more sensation and heat exchange.

Although its width of 55mm might make you believe this is a large condom, in reality I’d only recommend it to those who usually use a regular or slightly smaller latex condoms.

If you never used a polyurethane condoms, be careful the first time, and, even better, try it out once, before the deed!

Length: 170mm
Width: 55mm
Thickness: 20 microns
Lubricant: Silicone Based Lubricant
Material: Polyurethane

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Okamoto Zero One 0.01mm

okamoto 001Any condom buff knows that in 1998, the Sagami Company managed to develop a revolutionary condom that was only 0.018mm thick, the Sagami Original 001.

No other condom manufacturer had done this before, and for a while, this was the thinnest condom you could find in the market.

Okamoto, therefore, set out on their own quest to manufacture and even thinner condom and this quest gave way to the Okamoto Zero One 0.01mm.

The Okamoto Zero One 0.01mm is made from a Water-based Polyurethane that has a thickness of only 0.01mm.

The condom was designed to provide an even more natural feel during intercourse while simultaneously guaranteeing you the protection of a conventional condom.

Note, however, while the water-based polyurethane provides excellent protection even in such a thin state, it is not particularly stretchy.

The Okamoto Zero One 0.01 has a width of 52mm, which is the width of the average latex condom. If you have an average or slightly larger than average girth you may find the Okamoto Zero One 0.01 particularly uncomfortable since it does not stretch enough to comfortably accommodate the extra mass, which unfortunately means that you are not getting the highest level of protection possible.

But do not despair, Okamoto, noted this problem and made a slightly larger version of the same condom known as the Okamoto Zero One L for people with average or slightly above average girth.

Length: 175mm
Width: 52mm
Thickness: 10 microns
Lubricant: Standard Type Lubricating Jelly
Material: Water-based Polyurethane

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Sagami Original 001

sagami 001The Sagami Company first rose to popularity for the progress they were making, constantly setting new benchmarks in the industry and breaking them.

In celebration of their anniversary, the Company successfully launched the Sagami Original 0.01 in 1998.

The condom was revolutionary at the time, with a thickness of only 18 microns, which ensured maximum eroticism with minimal discomfort and just as much safety.

The Sagami Original 001 is still one of the thinnest condoms in the market today, boasting of being 25% thinner than their previous model listed above.

Note, that the same sizing disclaimer applies like with the previous polyurethane models. While the width of the Sagami 001 may be similar to that of a regular-sized latex condom, the polyurethane material used to make the condoms is less flexible.

Therefore, a misfit may feel even more uncomfortable and people with larger than average girth end up feeling extremely constricted.

The Sagami original 001, however, might be perfect for those with a circumference below 5 inches.

Length: 170mm
Width: 55mm
Thickness: 18 microns
Lubricant: Silicone Lubricant
Material: Polyurethane

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Aoni Nanosilver Ultrathin 001

aoni 001In December 2013, the Guinness World Records certified the Nanosilver Ultrathin 001 from the Aoni Company as the World’s Thinnest Latex Condom.

Aoni’s patented Nanosilver technology is an effective solution for fighting and preventing bacterial, fungal, and yeast infections.

This odorless condom gives you a more natural sensation in comparison to conventional latex condoms while providing extra protection and care to both yours and your partner’s intimates.

The Aoni Nanosilver Ultrathin 001 was manufactured with hygiene as its main priority; the non-invasive Nanosilver tech sterilizes all secretions that emanate from intercourse by using natural ingredients that have so far proven to have no side effects or allergic reactions.

Aoni realized that bacterial infections were the number one trigger for most gynecological diseases, for example, Bacterial Vaginosis.

Some of these ‘minor’ infections lead to further complications like cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical erosion, endometritis, and in the worst cases, cervical cancer.

Most women have been taught to use a fungicide to treat these infections without realizing that long-term use of conventional fungicides damages the natural defense mechanism of the vaginal cortex and could also lead to reproductive issues.

The Nanosilver technology in the Aoni Nanosilver Ultrathin 001, on the other hand, causes no damage to the body’s natural defense mechanism and does not remain in the body.

The technology does not only eliminate the threat of bacteria exchanged at the time of intercourse but also sterilizes any bacterial buildup that had occurred prior, making it an effective treatment for common gynecological infections.

Length: 180mm
Width: 52mm/54mm(XL)
Thickness: 36 microns
Lubricant: Water-based Lubricant
Material: Latex

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Okamoto 003 Real Fit

okamoto 003The Okamoto 003 Real Fit is a natural latex condom that was developed as part of the Okamoto 003 series.

The shape of Okamoto 003 Real Fit is designed for a snugger fit, with most of the emphasis being placed on the head to bring about a more natural feel during intercourse.

The Okamoto 003 Real Fit has also done away with the teat which means you don’t have to squeeze the air bubble before wearing the condom.

Additionally, with a thickness of only 0.03mm (30 microns), you almost forget that the condom is there, giving you the full range of sensations you would experience during unprotected sex.

To sweeten the deal further, unlike ordinary condoms which get thicker towards the head, the Okamoto 003 Real Fit gets thinner towards the head for enhanced sensitivity.

User reviews also indicated that the Okamoto Real Fit 003 is reliable and durable, despite being made out of a thin latex material.

The condom, being made of latex, is much more flexible compared to polyurethane condoms, accommodating those with average girths, while still proving similar sensitivity, heat conductivity, and protection.

If you’re not sure whether the size of this condom is right for you, we would like to encourage you to read the condom sizes guide and check the condom calculator tool.

Length: 180mm
Width: 52mm
Thickness: 30 microns
Lubricant: Water-based Lubricant
Material: Sheerlon Latex

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