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Condoms are a lifesaving personal care product which has made it possible for people to enjoy sex with less worry about the risks of unplanned pregnancy and contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms made of rubber, invented by tire manufacturer Charles Goodyear, have been widely available since the mid-nineteenth century. Over the past few decades, condom manufacturing has evolved and a bigger variety of condom sizes, styles, textures and materials have entered the market.

Specialty condoms are all the rage now, including branded condoms, flavored condoms and condoms with extra features like ribbing or warming lubricants. So it’s no surprise that condoms that cater to the ever-growing vegan market are becoming more popular.

The leading brand in the vegan condom niche is a company called GLYDE condoms. They make condoms that use no animal products in their materials or processing. You may not know this, but the majority of typical condoms used today cannot be considered vegan.

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They use an animal product called casein during the processing of their latex. Since casein is a derivative of milk, and milk comes from cows, any strict vegan will do their best to avoid these condoms. Enter the vegan condom.

“Vegan” is a term that was coined by The Vegan Society in 1944. It was created to encompass all people who aspire to a lifestyle and diet that does not contribute to the exploitation of or cruelty to animals of all kinds. This includes animal products or derivatives for use as food, as ingredients in things like skin care, hair care, personal products, clothing or any other items.

VeganVegan condoms are actually not a recent invention. In fact, the GLYDE brand of condoms was invented almost 25 years ago. Vegan condoms have become quite popular, all thanks to the widespread acceptance of veganism.

Animal lovers, animal activists and animal rights organizations played a big part in the mainstreaming of this diet and lifestyle. Vegans want to be able to use products that do not contribute to animal cruelty. Since dairies these days are more typically factory based, with a focus on efficiency and profits, rather than family farm based, strict vegans consider any milk derivative or product off limits for them for moral, ethical and environmental reasons. So the vegan condom was born.

GLYDE condoms are the very first brand of condom that has been approved by the Vegan Society, or as they call it, is “Vegan Approved”.

In addition to being vegan, since many vegans are also passionate about the environment, GLYDE goes a step farther with their condoms. They manufacture their products using only non-toxic, all natural materials and ingredients that are chosen and sourced specifically for their minimal impact on the environment.

The latex used for the condoms is grown and harvested using Fair Trade and sustainable practices. Fair trade practices insure that no workers along the supply chain are exploited in any way and are paid a fair wage with safe working conditions. GLYDE condoms are also not tested on any animals. Even the thistle extract that they use during processing is cultivated through natural methods.

GLYDE condoms aren’t just great for vegans either. Since the condoms use no animal products at all, the condoms are said to be noticeably smoother, silkier and even more durable.

Many condom users may notice a strange, almost sour odor coming from the condom when they first open the package. With GLYDE vegan condoms, this odd odor is eliminated due to the special manufacturing process and non-animal and non-toxic ingredients that are used.

chainVegans and anyone else using vegan condoms also need not worry about their condoms having less strength or durability than regular condoms either. In fact, the opposite is true. In a recent study done at the University of Oregon, testers found that GLYDE vegan condoms tested at or near the top of the strength, durability and overall performance criteria categories.

This may be due in part to the strict condom manufacturing standards and regulations set by the World Health Organization, the United States FDA and other organizations. These strict regulations insure that no matter the type of condom you choose, you are getting a condom that will perform its task reliably and has been tested for quality.

GLYDE condoms have many advantages over traditional latex condoms, not the least of which is that they offer excellent performance and outstanding sensitivity. Vegan condoms overall, are just great condoms! They feel great, and work great, but most of all, you’ll feel better knowing that you made a better choice for animals, the environment, workers and yourself as well!


Glyde Condom Sizes

GLYDE condoms feature several different sizes:

  • snugger fit (49 mm width) – ideal for guys with a penis circumference below 4.7 inches (<119 mm)
  • regular size (53 mm) – ideal for guys with their girth between 4.7 – 5.1 inches (119mm – 130mm)
  • large size (56 mm) – choose if your girth is above 5.1 inches (>130 mm) and not larger than 5.5 inches (<=140 mm)

Below is a complete GLYDE condom size chart:

CondomDescriptionSizeWhere to buy
GLYDE SlimFit Smaller Condom

GLYDE Slimfit Premium Lubricated Condoms 12-Pack
These Slimfit condoms from GLYDE measure 49mm for a snugger fit. Lubricated, with a reservoir tip.
Width: 49mm / 1.93''
Length: 170 mm / 6.7''
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Glyde SlimFit Strawberry 
GLYDE Slimfit Premium Lubricated Condoms 12-Pack
In addition to the slim size, this condom comes with the strawberry flavor. Width: 49mm / 1.93''
Length: 170 mm / 6.7''
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GLYDE Ultra Premium Condoms

GLYDE Ultra Premium Lubricated Condoms 12-Pack
Standard size, lubricated condoms with a straight shape and a reservoir tip.
Width: 53mm / 2.09''
Length: 180 mm / 7.09''
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GLYDE Ultra Blueberry Vegan Condom

GLYDE Ultra Blueberry Flavored Condom 3-Pack
Regular size but with a blueberry flavored.Width: 53mm / 2.09''
Length: 180 mm / 7.09''
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GLYDE Ultra Strawberry Condom
GLYDE Ultra Strawberry Flavored Condom 3-Pack
Regular size but with a strawberry flavor.Width: 53mm / 2.09''
Length: 180 mm / 7.09''
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GLYDE Ultra Wildberry Condom

GLYDE Ultra Wildberry Flavored Condom 12-Pack
Wildberry flavor.Width: 53mm / 2.09''
Length: 180 mm / 7.09''
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If you find the cola flavor favorable, then it’s the condom to try. Besides the unique taste, it’s black. Width: 53mm / 2.09''
Length: 180 mm / 7.09''
GLYDE Ultra Vanilla Organic Condom
GLYDE Ultra Organic Vanilla Flavored Condom 12-Pack
Vanilla flavor, regular size.Width: 53mm / 2.09''
Length: 180 mm / 7.09''
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GLYDE Maxi Larger Condoms

GLYDE Maxi Premium Lubricated Condoms 12-Pack
Larger size GLYDE condom.Width: 56mm / 2.2''
Length: 190 mm / 7.48''
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GLYDE Supermax
It boasts a transparent color and is ideal for the well-endowed man.Width: 60mm / 2.36''
Length: 200 mm / 7.9''

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