Condoms or Gonorrhea?

virusEver wonder why Gonorrhea is known as the clap? Well, wonder no more. The name is derived from the fact that doctors used to treat this STI by slamming a heavy object straight down onto the penis? (I can sense men all over the world wincing in pain at the thought of that).

It is the second most common STI in the United States, and infections seem to be on the rise. The main reason for this is that too many youngsters are giving BJs without any sort or protection. This is mainly because condom use during blowjobs isn’t exactly on show in popular culture, something which many youngers follow.

Gonorrhea is actually more likely to be passed on via blowjobs than it is through penetrative sex, or even cunnilingus. The main reason why it is spreading so rapidly is that almost all adolescents are being taught that oral sex presents fewer risks than intercourse. As a result, adolescents are making up almost one half of new cases of this disease, even though they are only a quarter of all sexually active people.

Now imagine intense burning and pain in your penis when you use the toilet, or even pelvic inflammation which can cause infertility. What would you rather do, use a condom or contract this disease? This is so much more contagious than HIV. For example, contracting HIV is a one in a thousand chance during unprotected sex with a sufferer, gonorrhea is 60%. This, as I am sure you can agree is absolutely massive.

The problem that we have right now is trying to convince young people to use condoms during oral sex, and that is going to be a game in itself. This is because condoms reduce sensitivity, something which you don’t really want.

Many researchers however are working on a condom expressly for oral sex, but until that rolls around, use a condom, it is one of the safest things that you can use no matter what type of sex you are doing.

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