How to Stay Hard With a Condom on?

Most adults will be able to recall a moment in their sex life, in which things didn’t go quite as planned. There are stories about people falling out of bed during sex, or being caught by their parents while making love with their first girl- or boyfriend. These stories tend to be funny, and therefore people share them.

However, problems such as erectile dysfunction, are often thought of as embarrassing or shameful. This creates a taboo around the subject, although many men are suffering from it, and talking about it could be very helpful.

Many suffer from erectile dysfunction caused by condoms. Since most of them are caused mentally, talking about it often tends to help.

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The use of different condoms, and finding the right size can also be crucial. In the end, an erection is caused by arousal, so as long as you find a way to stay aroused while putting on the condom, and while having sex with one, you’ll most likely overcome the erectile dysfunctions.

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Male condoms are 98% effective as anticonception and as protection against STDs. Furthermore, a condom is easy to bring along and doesn’t require any other preparations, besides putting it on.

However, many men experience difficulties staying erect, when putting on a condom, or even while having sex with a condom. This article is dedicated to helping those experiencing difficulties staying erect while wearing a condom.

How Does a Condom Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

A condom can obstruct the blood flow into the penis, which then might experience difficulties staying erect.

Putting on a condom can cause stress, fear, or distraction which also tends to hurt the erection. And finally, in some cases, the condom causes loss of feeling/stimulation and therefore causes erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a condom. We often see that the problem is either caused by a physical uneasiness or a mental one.

The most simple cause might be that the condom is too tight. When this happens, the blood which is supposed to flow into the penis, won’t reach its goal. The penis gets erect because the blood fills the two open spaces (corpora cavernosa).

Once the blood is in these spaces, it creates pressure which makes the penis expand and erect. Therefore, it’s important that the blood can flow effortlessly in and out of the penis.

It’s also possible that the condom is too big. In this case, the condom won’t give the desired protection for both STDs and birth control. Besides, slipping can cause the penis to stop being erect.

Furthermore, there are a few possibilities that are more of a mental issue. These are the most commonly seen issues when researching the relationship between condoms and erectile dysfunction.

Although we see that these problems are often unique for each individual, there are a few issues that tend to occur more often.

Let’s start with some basics. An erection (as noted before) is caused by blood flowing into the penis. However, that blood flow is caused by your sexual arousal, which starts in your brain.

Seeing something erotic, or getting aroused can cause unwanted erections. But the opposite can happen too.

For many men, the problem starts when having to put on a condom. At that very moment, you’ve already been enjoying the foreplay, and you are ready for the main event.

However, now you have to climb out of bed, find a condom, open the package and wrap it around your penis. Big chance that you try to do all of this as fast as possible, which might make it a bit more clumsy.

By the time the condom is placed, the penis might not be erect anymore. But, why? Simple, distraction.

Besides getting distracted, there is also the possibility of fear. The fear of sexual failure or the amount of pressure due to a lack of confidence can cause erectile dysfunction. It creates a distraction and causes unnecessary pressure to perform.

If it’s not due to the size of the condom, or due to fear or distraction, it can also be the type of condom. There are many different types, shapes, sizes, and thicknesses.

The wrong condom might cause a loss of feeling. Therefore the penis won’t get stimulated during the sex, and lose its erection.

Do Different Types of Condoms Make a Difference Regarding Erectile Disfunction?

The use of different types of condoms can add to the excitement. They can add to your partner’s pleasure or yours. Finding a condom that suits your preferences will help you against erectile dysfunction. Spicing things up with flavor, knobs, or even glow in the dark, might help you battle fear, distraction, or stress.

There are many different types of condoms since everyone has their preferences and different sizes. When the size of the condom isn’t the right size for you, the condom can cause you to lose your erection.

Although there is no wrong type, only a wrong size, there might be condoms that suit your preferences better.

For example, there are condoms that stimulate the female due to knobs, the use of different materials, or added flavor. These things might arouse the woman, which then in return might cause the man to get aroused.

There are also condoms that are thinner and stimulate the feeling for the man. With the material nowadays these condoms are just as safe as any other, and it promotes pleasure.

Since there are so many different condoms, changing the one you use might keep it more exciting for both you and your partner. This too can cause your penis to stay erect while having sex with a condom. 

Is Erectile Dysfunction a Common Problem When Using a Condom? 

More than 50% of men have experienced erectile dysfunction caused by condoms. However, only very few men experience this problem regularly. Since the problem is mostly caused by stress, inexperience, fear of sexual failure, or distraction, this problem tends to happen more to younger men. 

Erectile dysfunctions caused by condoms are not uncommon. While some lose their erection when putting on the condom, others are having trouble staying erect while wearing the condom.

Most researchers point out that around 55% of the men have had erectile dysfunction caused by condoms at some point in their life. However, it’s often not the cause of the condom. Unless you are using a condom that is too small, it’s most likely to be a mental issue. Therefore there are many ways to solve the issue of erectile dysfunction caused by condoms.

Most people suffering from erectile dysfunction caused by condoms are younger men. This is because they’re still relatively inexperienced, have trouble communicating about it with their partner, or feel pressure to perform.

Middle-aged men have fewer problems related to condoms. However, after the age of forty, they do see a rise in erectile dysfunctions, but these are often not caused by the condom.

How to Avoid Erectile Disfunction When Wearing a Condom?

Talk about the issue with your partner, it takes two to tango. Find a condom that is the right size and fits your preferences. Think of a way to put on the condom so that it doesn’t distract, but rather adds to the sex. Trust the condom and listen to your body. Different positions can completely change the feeling.

By now we know what causes erectile dysfunction and that it’s not something to be ashamed about. It happens to the best of us, and luckily it’s something we can overcome. Let’s start with the absolute basics.

The condom

First of all, it’s important to wear the right size condom. A condom should cover the entire length of your penis while leaving about half an inch on the top. Measure the girth of your penis so that you’re sure to buy a condom that doesn’t interrupt the blood flow to your penis.

Not happy about your condom? There are lots of condoms, different flavors, shapes, colors and the list goes on. This means that there is most likely one which suits your preferences. Keep on trying and remember, that variety is the spice of life.

Putting the condom on

Lots of people have problems putting the condom on. It feels like it interrupts the sex, kills the mood, and makes for a silly show. Therefore it’s important to find a way to make the procedure part of the fun.

You can ask your partner to put it on for you, or maybe your partner can stimulate you, while you bring the condom on yourself. There are many ways, but the main goal is to do it in a way that you won’t get distracted, stressed, or haunted by an unreasonable fear of sexual failure.

Having sex while wearing the condom

You’ll have to start by trusting the condom. Having a constant fear that the condom might break won’t do your erection any good. Secondly, it’s important to listen to your body.

When you feel like the penis needs more stimulation, you could change position. Many positions will give you more control over the speed and depth of the sex. Having this control, or losing this control, might help with your arousal.

When with your/a partner

Don’t be embarrassed about it, erectile dysfunction happens to most guys at some part in their life. It can be due to age, substances, condoms, or many other reasons.

By talking to your partner about it, you might lose the feeling that you have to perform at a certain level and therefore lose your fear of sexual failure. He or she might know ways to avoid erectile dysfunction, and maybe make the whole ordeal with a condom much more enjoyable.



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