Are Condoms Vegan?

One way to prevent unwanted pregnancy and STDs is by the proper use of condoms. However, if you are a vegetarian you’ll strive to make a positive impact on the planet. On that note, it’s important to know whether condoms are vegan or not.

So What Do We Mean by Vegan Condoms?

These are condoms whose manufacturing process from start to the end neither uses any animal product nor by-product. That makes it animal-friendly. Hence the type of material used for making condoms and the testing process can make it vegan or not vegan.

Therefore are Condoms Vegan?

There are a wide variety of condoms; vegan and non-vegan types. But most condoms are not vegan. However, the good news is that there are several completely vegan brands.

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Advantages of Vegan Condoms

Uses Plants Derived Ingredients Only

Instead of using animal-derived protein such as casein, they use plant-based extracts. But despite that, they still feel silky smooth. Accordingly, vegan condoms are animal friendly.


Besides not using animal products or by-products, vegan contraceptives don’t involve any animal cruelty testing process. Thus you can enjoy your lovemaking moments with a clear conscience.

Examples of Vegan Condoms

Polyurethane Condoms

Instead of using natural material and animal byproducts, polyurethane condoms are plastic. For that reason, many men who are allergic to latex find relief in polyurethane. And being plastic they have a very thin membrane and hence promote a fulfilling lovemaking session.

These vegan condoms offer protection against STIs and pregnancy as well. Their key downfall is that they are slightly pricey. Besides they aren’t as elastic as the latex type.

Polyisoprene Condoms

Polyisoprene for example is a refined/synthetic form of rubber. For that reason, it’s completely vegan and blends well with silicone or water-based lubes. Also, polyisoprene condoms are effective in the prevention of sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy.

What Makes Other Condoms Non-Vegan?

As outlined before the raw materials, and testing process may make the contraceptive devices non-vegan. That brings us to the following:

Lambskin Condoms

As the name suggests, these condoms are made from lambskin (intestine of sheep). Some people consider lambskin as a luxurious material that offers a natural feel.

Latex Condoms

Latex is derived from the rubber tree. However, usually, the processing and manufacturing of latex condoms use casein, protein derived from animal milk. That, therefore, makes them non-vegan. Furthermore, some people find themselves allergic to rubber.

Note that not all latex condoms are non-vegan. Several manufacturers (which we’ll list below) don’t use casein or any animal by-products in the production process which makes their rubber latex condoms vegan.

Condoms Flavored with Animal-Based By-Products

Most condoms are pre-lubricated. However, there is a category that uses flavors made from animal-derived products. Accordingly, that makes them non-vegan.

Top Vegan Condom Brands to Consider

Even though there are a great deal of condoms infused with animal products or by-products, that doesn’t mean there are narrow choices for vegan types.

Here are the top promising brands to try out:


Gyde champions in producing vegan certified and cruelty-free condoms from sustainable natural rubber trees. The brand stocks condoms of various sizes thus fit a wide variety of men. Besides the diversity of sizes, it also offers flavored vegan condoms.

Some of its promising models include;

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The SKYN non-latex condoms also fall under vegan condoms. They are made of SKYNFEEL, a material that’s extra soft, ultra-thin and offers a more natural feel than the standard condoms. These polyisoprene condoms have no spermicidal lubricants.

Some of their top choices include:

Kimono Condoms

Forms one of the thinnest American vegan-friendly condoms. The product’s manufacturing process uses natural latex and is perfected to reach the US and ISO standards. Being vegan they have no spermicides, displeasing latex smell, animal or milk protein.

Some of the Kimono vegan condoms include;

RFSU Condoms

The Swedish-based company manufactures luxurious vegan-certified condoms. Besides being vegan certified the condoms also meet the threshold of the international safety standards. Some of their top products include:

Playboy Premium Condoms

The brand taps on its 65 years of experience in the industry and now makes condoms that satisfy almost every person including the vegan community. Find below their top-selling models:

ONE Condom

The USA-based company produces a wide variety of condoms that are vegan and cruelty-free. Hence it’s almost certain that you’ll find your match. The most common categories include extra-large, fun, ultra-thin, enhanced pleasure, and variety pack condoms.

All of their condoms boast an ultra-soft latex that makes them super comfortable. Some of their widespread models include:


As their names suggest, the manufacturer thrives on making products that are friendly to animals, plants, people, and the entire planet. The latex the company uses is sourced from fair rubber certified farms and FSC forests.

Their top choices include:

  • Tailored fit; Features parallel-sided shape. It measures 0.065mm thick, 49mm wide, and 183-190mm long
  • Ultra Thin: standard parallel-sided shape 0.055mm thick, 52mm wide, and 183-190mm long
  • Comfort fit; gives you a flared shape, 0.065mm thick, 52mm wide (base), and 58mm at the closed end. Its length varies from 183mm to 190mm.
  • Extra Large: It has a flared shape, extra wide, and larger than the ordinary size. It’s 0.085mm thick, 56mm wide at the base, and 60mm on the close end. The length stretches from 190mm to 200mm.

Fair Squared

The German-based company manufactures condoms that are NATRUE and English Vegan Society certified. Thus the products are free from any form of animal testing, products, or by-products.

Some of the vegan condoms Fair Squared produces includes:


Another top brand producing vegan condoms is Hanx. They are made from one hundred percent fair rubber latex. Being certified by the Vegan Society, though lubricated they don’t have any traces of spermicides or casein.

Besides the company only recommends water-based lubricants. The two sizes have a thickness of 0.055mm

You can find them in two sizes namely_

  • Standard size boasts a length of 180mm and width of 52mm
  • Large size has a length of 190mm and a width of 54mm

B Condoms

B condoms are odorless, free from spermicides, casein, and animal products. In addition, they play the dual roles of preventing unwanted pregnancies and STIs.

By infusing a neutral scent in the condoms the company effectively removes the annoying scents. Read below for their top varieties;

Sir Richard’s Condoms (no longer available)

This manufacturer also used to stock vegan-friendly condoms. In the entire manufacturing process, the products tap from 100 percent latex, free from casein and spermicides.

The company stocked a wide variety of choices such as extra thin, extra-large, and pleasure dots.  However, the products have been discontinued and thus not easy to find on the market.


In short, there are both vegan and non-vegan condoms on the market. So it pays to be on the lookout. But if you need vegan condoms that do not use any animal product or cruel testing then this post gives you a wide variety to consider.

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