Different Condom Shapes

On this blog we’ve wrote a lot about the importance of using the right condom size for maximum safety and comfort. Different condom shapes may not be so important when it comes to safety, but they could maximize your pleasure. Let’s see what condom shapes are available and how different condom contours and shapes can make a difference.
There are several basic condom shapes available:

1)     Standard or straight-shafted condoms

crown skinless skinThese condoms have straight sides and the condom head, shaft and base all have the same flat width. One regular sized example is Okamoto Crown Skinless Skin and a larger sized example is Trustex Extra Large.
Most of these condoms have a reservoir tip that will catch semen. Some are without that but have a rounded shape and a more natural look. Those are more commonly used in oral sex or in the healthcare industry. (eg. Trojan Her Pleasure Ecstasy

2)    Flared condoms

trojan magnumFlared condoms are wider over the head of the penis. They become wider from base to the head, or some just have more room at the head. For those who don’t like a snug fit at the penis head this may be the right choice. This extra headroom will allow more movement and comfort. Trojan Magnum is one popular example.

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3)     Form fitted condoms

Fitted condoms will stay in place and provide a better grip as they fit snugly just below the tip. Popular smaller condom from Lifestyles – Lifestyles Snugger Fit – features this shape.

4)     Special shaped condoms

onepleasureplusFew manufacturers offer specially shaped condoms which should bring you maximum pleasure. Those condoms have roomy sack on condom head which offers extra headroom for added comfort and superior feeling. That added condom material should also provide extra stimulation for the female partner. One Pleasure Plus condom is a well known for its special shape.

5)    Ribbed and studded condoms

kimonotexturedRibbed and studded condoms are a category of their own but I found it appropriate to mention them here. They aren’t different in shape per se, but rather in texture. Basically, these condoms have ribs or lines on the outside of condoms that adds to help with stimulation of a female partner. Will this really make a difference? Well, I didn’t find any study that would support this. If you read texture condom reviews you’ll find both sides – some claim they like them better, while others don’t feel any difference. It’s a really small investment to try them yourself.
Which of these shapes would be best for you? Well, that’s mostly a matter of preference so you’ll have to experiment a bit, but I’m sure you’re going to enjoy your research.
Speaking of research, there was one interesting study regarding condom shapes by the UK Family Planning Research Network [1]. They’ve tracked people’s preferences for different condom shapes.

They used standard shaped, flared one and anatomically shaped condoms. Results? People were about equally satisfied with all three, but most women picked the flared condom when asked about safety, security and comfort, while men chose the anatomically shaped one.

[1] Garside R., Condom shape: a neglected factor influencing use and acceptability? UK Family Planning Research Network, Int J STD AIDS.;1999, Retrieved from: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10639058

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