Thinnest Condoms In The World

Common complaint about condoms is that they decrease the sensation and that the process of putting a condom on somehow kills the excitement. Well, if your willy goes down while you’re putting a condom, I’m sorry but it’s more likely that you’re too nervous or inexperienced so don’t blame it on the condom right away.
But if your problem is the lack of sensation, there is a solution -try the thinnest condoms before you give up on condoms or bash them.
Maybe you’ve even tried some ultra thin latex condoms, but new generation of condoms with new materials, pushes the boundaries of thickness and provides even better feeling. In this post I’ll introduce you with the thinnest condoms currently available on the market.

Thinnest condoms in the world

Without much delay and introduction, let me introduce you with the thinnest condoms (based on my thorough research):

pasante uniqueThe thinnest condom in the world at this moment is Pasante Unique Unique Pull*, measuring just 0.015 mm thickness. But before you rush out to get it, just a friendly warning – this condom is actually more similar to a cling film than a standard condom.

*update: the new & improved version of Pasante Unique is available from another brand and it’s called Unique Pull. You can order it from here

Check a video review of Pasante Unique here if you want to learn more, and below are the other thinnest condom candidates.

UPDATE no. 2:
Sagami has introduced a new contender in the thinnest condoms arena – Sagami 0.01 which is just 0.018 mm thick. Here’s the complete review if you want to learn more.

1. Sagami Original 0.02

sagami original
Sagami Rubber Industries was the first manufacturer that produced a condom with the thickness of just 0.02 mm. To give you a better impression how thin this really is, I’ll compare it to the avarage thickness of a human hair which is 0.06mm. So 0.02 mm is a third of the thickness of a human hair.

It is also more than twice as thin as the standard latex ultra-thin condom (eg. Durex Sensi-Thin, which is 0.048 mm).
As you may presume Sagami Rubber is a Japanese manufacturer with long history – the company was established in 1934.
This extremely thin condom is made of polyurethane – type of plastic, introduced in the market in the 1990s. Besides being thinner, condoms made of polyurethane have some other benefits as well:

  • polyurethane is hypoallergenic material, meaning people suffering from latex allergies can safely use these condoms
  • polyurethane condoms are both effective in preventing pregnancy and preventing many STDs
  • they transmit heat better
  • they are strong as latex, if not even stronger
  • Sagami Original is odorless
  • polyurethane is oil resistant, so you can use oil lubricants with Sagami Original and other polyurethane condoms

Note: Keep on mind that polyurethane is less stretchable than latex! If you pick the wrong size the constriction feeling might ruin the moment. Secondly, Sagami condoms imported from Japan might be a bit too small for the US market. That’s why, unless you usually use small condoms, I would recommend that you order the Sagami 0.02 larger version.

Order Sagami Original (large) here

2. Sagami Original 0.02 Premium

sagami premiumFor the 10th anniversary of Sagami Original they introduced even thinner and stronger Sagami Original 0.02 Premium condom with the thickness of outstanding ~0.022mm (the regular Sagami Original condom is around 0.024mm, as we’ve been told by the distributor).

However, there are a few other Japanese manufacturers which, shortly after Sagami, produced their own 0.02 mm thick condoms. And, as it seems, it is only a matter of time when manufacturers will brake this record and produce even thinner condom.

Here are other 0.02 mm thick condoms:

3. Okamoto 0.02EX Condom

okamoto 002 ex
Size: 170mm length
32mm diameter
50mm width
Water base lubricated
Made of Polyurethane

Click here to Order Okamoto 0.02

4. JEX 0.02 Condom

Another Japanese manufacturer produced a urethane condom.


Click here to order JEX 0.02

You may have noticed that above mentioned condoms are produced from polyurethane.
The main disadvantage of these new materials is the price, which is still significantly higher than the price of latex condoms.
There are however just slightly thicker latex condoms, with the thickness of 0.03 mm and with the smaller price.

Few other thin condoms with the thickness of 0.03 mm

These condoms are made from latex, but with the use of the highest manufacturing technology. If you don’t mind the latex and don’t want to pay the high price for polyurethane, try these condoms:

Other thinnest latex condoms

Here are few other thin latex condoms, which have been available on the market for some time. There are thicker than all the above mentioned, but they have the most affordable prices:


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