Disposing A Condom Plus The Environmentally Conscious Condom Options

After a steamy, intimate act, a lot of partners forget many things. And one of those little things that they unfortunately forget is their condoms. Irresponsible users will just leave then anywhere. But that’s never the proper or the hygienic way of doing it. The proper disposal of condom is every user’s primary responsibility.

With the world slowly realizing the mistakes it made against Mother Nature, the drive to go green is getting louder and louder from the different corners of the world. Since everybody wants to be environmentally conscious, the mere act of properly disposing of used condoms is in order.

The most common way partners dispose of condoms is to flush it in the toilet. And that’s never a good practice. Condoms are made from rubber or rubber-like materials. As such, it won’t decompose all that easily. Instead, it would just clog down your pipe. Just count how many condoms you are disposing of in the toilet, on the average, for a week; then compute how many you’ve thrown for a month’s time; then a year. If you are sexually active, you surely have a lot of condoms currently down your pipe. You might as well schedule a plumber for repairs even before the inevitable comes.

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The best way to properly dispose of a condom is to throw it in the trashcan. Condoms are not recyclable and many are not biodegradable. Therefore, there is no other place for it but the landfill. Hygienically throw away used condoms by wrapping it in a tissue or a piece of paper. Leaving them on the ground – even if you’re outdoors – is not a good idea. You shouldn’t bury them either.

Furthermore, you can make a greener choice now as far as condoms are concerned. There are certified vegan condoms that you can use instead. These are not as harsh to the environment as regular condoms are. And if you’re a monogamous individual with an equally monogamous partner without worries about getting an STD, you can switch to the lambskin condoms that are fully biodegradable.

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