World map of penis sizes

Interactive map of the penis sizes contains many interesting statistics that reveal what men are hiding in their shorts.

Most men are preoccupied with the size of their tool, and are firmly convinced that half inch more could turn them into the best lovers in the world.

Saying ‘It’s not about the stick, it’s about the wizard’ is of little consolation to them, but this interactive map of penis sizes may help.

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In a series of interesting maps Target Map also brings the penis sizes map. Based on a series of surveys conducted by different institutions, one can clearly see what ‘equipment’ do members of different nations have.

Penis Sizes Map

map of penis sizes
According to this map countries on the top of the list are:

Congo – 17,93 cm / 7,1 in
Ecuador – 17,77 cm / 6,9 in
Colombia – 17,03 cm / 6,7 in
Ghana – 17,31 cm / 6,7 in
Venezuela – 17,03 cm / 6,7 in

On the other end are:

South Korea – 9,66 cm / 3,8 in
India – 10,24 cm / 4 in
Cambodia – 10,04 cm / 4 in
Thailand – 10,16 cm / 4 in
Philippines – 10,85 cm / 4,2 in

Update: The TargetMap website is no longer available. Alternatively, check out the International penis size map at and read our article about Penis Size Chart

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