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Ribbed Condoms – what it’s all about

Stroll down the contraceptive aisle at your local drug store and you are going to see that there are a lot more options than there were in the past. It’s a dizzying display of multi-colored boxes and brands, all of which claim to be the most sensual experience possible when using a condom.

Sitting alongside the traditional lubricated condoms are those with ridges, studs, and all manner of different textures advertised as being for men who want to deliver a higher level of pleasure to their partner.

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ribbed condoms

It sounds good, but do these types of condoms actually deliver what they say they do?

This is a difficult question to answer, as it really does come down to who you ask, as well as personal preference. Some men are not going to be delighted at the prospect of wearing a condom, no matter how many bells and whistles are added.

There is a general notion that condoms equal reduced sensitivity, but there are some guys who are all about pleasing their partner, so they will happily try a condom with ribs if it means said partner is going to get something more out of the sexual experience.

Do Ribbed Condoms Really Work?

Women appear to be split down the middle when it comes to ribbed, studded, and textured condoms. For every woman that says she felt no difference, there is another who will claim her pleasure was taken to all new levels when some additions were made to the standard condom experience.

The fact that there are so many different brands and styles out there tells you there has to be a market for these things. After all, companies that make their money from selling contraceptives are not going to keep churning out products that simply don’t sell.

If anything, the major manufacturers of condoms are expanding their product lines, which is another sure sign that there is indeed a market for alternative methods of contraception. The new styles are often referred to as dual pleasure condoms, and feature things like shaped heads for added pleasure, warming lubrication, and even a vibrating ring that is supposed to enhance the experience for both people involved in the lovemaking act.

dual pleasure condom

The beauty of these new types of condom is that they really don’t cost that much more than the traditional models, which is why people may be so willing to give them a try.

Besides cost, there are a number of reasons why the ribbed and dual pleasure condoms continue to sell. For some, it could be a sense of adventure or trying something new that drives them to make the purchase.

For others, it may be as simple as believing that adding a little something exotic will make their limited sexual skills seem better than what they really are. Whatever the reason, these condoms are here to stay. There is a definite market for them, and as long as they keep moving off the shelves, companies will keep making them.

Ready to give them a try? Check the Ribbed condoms size chart below to find your perfect fit. Not sure which size you need? Read this post.

Ribbed Condoms Size Chart

Beyond Seven Studded
Width: 50.8mm
Length: 185mm
Snug fitting studded condom, very lightly lubricated so keep some extra lube at hand. details
Durex Performax Intense

performax intense
Width: 52mm
Length: 190mm
Durex condom with ribs and dots and climax delay lubricant inside. For those who want to last longer in bed. details
Trojan Twisted Pleasure Condoms

twisted pleasure
Base width: 52mm
Length: 198mm
Comes with pleasurable spiral ribs and a twist at the closed. details
Kimono MicroThin Ribbed + Sensi-Dots
Width: 52mm
Length: 190mm
This Kimono condom is both ribbed and studded and slightly thinner than other ribbed condoms. details
Trojan Studded Bareskin

bareskin studded
Width: 52mm
Length: 198mm
Thinnest studded condom from Trojan with studs throughout the condom and contoured shape. details
Impulse Bare Pleasure
impulse bare pleasure
Width: 52mm
Length: 190mm
Cheap ribbed and studded condom from Impulse. details
ONE Pleasure Plus
Base width: 52 mm
Head width: 70 mm
Length: 190mm
This uniquely designed condom comes with a roomy pouch and fine internal ribs, which should provide extra pleasure for both partners. details
Rough Rider Studded
rough rider
Width: 53mm
Length: 185mm
Cheap studded condom with very positive reviews, one of the best cheaper ribbed condoms. One downside: strong latex smell! details
Trojan Ultra Ribbed
Trojan Ultra Ribbed
Width: 53mm
Length: 193mm
Straight shaped Trojan condom with deep ribs along the condom. details
Trojan Ultra Ribbed Spermicidal
ribbed spermicidal
Width: 53mm
Length: 193mm
Ribbed condom with spermicidal lubricant (contains Nonoxynol-9) details
Trojan Her Pleasure Sensations
trojan her pleasure
Base Width: 53mm
Head Width: 62mm
Length: 200mm
Ribbed, lubricated and contoured Trojan condom. details
Trojan Double Ecstasy Lubricated
Base width: 53mm
Head width: 62mm
Length: 200mm
This Trojan condom is ultra thin with contoured shape and ribbing along the condom. It has an ultrasmooth lubricant on the inside and intensified lubricant on the outside. details
Trojan G. Spot
trojan g spot
Base width: 53mm
Length: 200mm
New condom from Trojan with an unique shape that should stimulate the G spot details
Trojan Charged Orgasmic Pleasure
Width: 53mm
Length: 200mm
Deep-ribbed Trojan condom with intensified lubricant, tapered at the base. details
Lifestyles Ribbed Pleasure Vibra-ribbed

vibra ribbed
Width: 53mm
Length: 190mm
Ribbed condom from Lifestyles with vibrant ribs along the condom. details
Sir Richard's Pleasure Dots Condom
richard dots
Width: 53mm
Length: 180mm
This condom comes with hundreds of dots along the condom for extra stimulation and is vegan approved! details
Lifestyles SKYN Extra Studded
skyn intense
Width: 53mm
Length: 190mm
Non-latex Lifestyles condom, made out of polyisoprene, with wave pattern of texture for extra stimulation. details
ONE 576 Sensations
Width: 53mm
Length: 180mm
576 studs along the condom for extra pleasure. details
Caution Wear Wild Rose Ribbed Condoms
caution wear ribbed
Width: 53mm
Length: 180mm
Cheap ribbed condom from Caution Wear with silicon-based lubricant, ribbed texture and straight shape. details
Trojan Groove Lubricated Condoms
Width: 54 mm
Length: 205 mm
New Trojan condom with long-lasting lubrication and specially designed raised texture. details
Trojan Magnum Ribbed
trojan magnum ribbed
Base width: 54mm
Head width: 60mm
Length: 205mm
Well known larger Trojan condom with spiral ribbing and contoured shape. details
Durex Pleasuremax
durex pleasuremax
Width: 54mm
Length: 190mm
Textured condom from Durex with extra headroom and specially positioned ribs and raised dots for extra stimulation. details
L. Do {each other} Good
L do good
Base width: 54mm
Head width: 60mm
Length: 190mm
Ribbed at the base, lubricated with moisture-rich lubricant, glycerin and paraben free. details
ONE Tantric Pleasures
One Tantric Pleasure
Base width: 56mm
Head Width: 62mm
Width at Middle: 52mm
Length: 188mm
Unique tattoo-inspired texture for extra pleasure and flared shape. details
Lifestyles KYNG Ribbed
Kyng Ribbed
Width: 56mm
Length: 210mm
Larger Lifestyles condom with 4 inches of ribbing along the shaft and a flared shape. details

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