How to Choose the Best Condom

The men and women who are all for protected sex and are against unwanted pregnancy are the loyal users of condoms. And for them, only the best kinds will do. It is indeed very important that the kind of condom that couples use is of the highest quality. Only those products can give them full peace of mind before, during, and after the intercourse.

That must be the reason why many users are sticking only to the big brands as far as condoms are concerned. The popular brands can guarantee that their products passed strict quality controls and that they work fully as designed. With it, the only thing left for couples to do now is to use them as specifically as the instructions on the label indicated.

Condom Comparison Chart

Condom Size

condom size chartThere are different things to consider as far as choosing a condom is concerned and size is indeed one of the major considerations. When buying condoms, do check first if there are size classifications or restrictions printed on the label. Then pick the one that is just right for you. If you are not sure what to get, buy the two nearest to your estimate. It is important to determine the right size is because if the condom is too loose, it could slip out on you. And if it is too tight, it may possibly break right in the middle of the act.

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Apart from the size, the material used to make the condom is of primary importance as well. Some men are allergic to latex and latex is the most common material used for condoms. If this holds true for you, you can switch to other options such as the polyurethane condoms or the polyisoprene condoms. Read the label to know from which material the condom is made from. On the other hand, FC2 is the common term used for female condoms. This kind is advisable if you would rather have your female partner wearing the condom instead of you.

Texture, Shape, and Thickness

One Tantric PleasureThere are condoms that are especially textured or ribbed for added pleasure. Men who complain about lost sensations when wearing a condom are definitely going to find these ones perform a lot better than the regular kinds. The shape of the condom can be a little concern as well, especially if the male want his formed in a special way. The thickness of a condom plays an important factor these days. A lot of men prefer it really thin while others want it much thicker. But however you want it, be sure not to use two condoms at the same time. Remember that putting one condom on top of another doesn’t make the user twice protected. As a matter of fact, it’s the other way around. Two condoms are more prone to breaking.

Top 10 Condom Choices

Top Rated CondomsLike always, when it comes to shopping, customer reviews shouldn’t be neglected. It’s sometimes good to see what others are saying and to check customer reviews on online boards and online stores. One online condom store – Undercover Condoms – made a chart of the top 10 best rated condoms, according to the feedback they got from their customers.

It’s interesting to see that the highest ranking condom is actually not intended for men. The Reality Female Condom FC2 takes the number one position as far as their survey for the top 10 condoms is concerned. Such a condom is worn by women and it covers their vagina and labia during the intercourse. Condom is made of nitrile and is equipped with a flexible ring at each end.

crown skinless skinThe Okamoto Crown Skin Less Skin Condom ranks next to the Reality Female Condom in terms of popularity and performance. There are two other products from the same manufacturer that ranked accordingly in the charts. Beyond Seven is at No. 6 and Crown Zero Zero Four is at No. 8. Men like the Okamoto Crown Skin Less Skin Condom so much because they are the most sensitive ones available. These condoms are very thin yet very strong.

Trojan Sensitivity BareSkin Condoms 10-PackThe two condom variants from Trojan ranked No. 3 and No. 4, as Trojan Extended Pleasure sits just above Trojan Sensitivity BareSkin. Men love Extended Pleasure better because it helps in delaying the ejaculation projects, making the intercourse last longer. It also comes with a lubricant to avoid premature ejaculation, thus giving men a much higher staying power. Trojan’s Bare Skin variant is the same condom only made thinner by 40%.

kimono micro thinThe other names found on the charts are Kimono Micro Thin Condoms at No.5; Lifestyles Skyn Non-Latex Condom at No. 7; Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms at No. 9; and Rough Rider Studded at No. 10. These are all the branded condoms that you can try. Try them all and find out which one would work for you best.

Picking the Perfect Match

Choosing a condom is like choosing a partner – it has to complement you fully. Considering all the facts explained here and all the options that you currently have in the market, you should be able to find the condom that suits you best. And when you do find it, stick to it. Nothing feels better than a partner that you can fully trust.

Condoms have long become necessities in today’s world. As a matter of fact, no man – or woman for that matter – should go out without bringing a pack or two. It is best to be safe protected than worried and sorry. And even if you have only one partner, the use of condoms is still important because it can assure you of a healthy relationship and fruitful life together. You can plan your family and your life much better with it too.

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