What to do if your Condom Keeps Breaking

Does your condom keep breaking during sex? Perhaps it bursts or tears and you can’t figure out why? There are a number of reasons why this might be happening to you. Consider all of the questions below and see if one of these situations applies.

Do you have the right size condom?

This is one of the most common reasons why a condom can malfunction. Every penis is different and not every condom is going to fit well. Consider trying different condom brands and sizes until you find one that provides the best fit.

Remember, you want the fit to be snug, but not too tight. Also, it’s important that you roll the condom all the way down to the base of your penis, to make sure you have proper coverage and so the condom doesn’t come off during penetration.

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Check out this quick guide on how to find your perfect fit or try this condom calculator.

Are you using a lubricant?

Condoms works best when you use lubricant with them. Proper lubrication will make penetration and thrusting much easier and pleasurable for both partners. In addition, using a good amount of lubricant will help to lessen the chance of breakage, since the moisture can make the condom more flexible and less likely to tear or burst. Remember, more lubricant, equals less friction that can cause breakage. Just make sure that you don’t use oil-based lubes with latex condoms.

Are you using it the right way?

A condom should always have some space left at the tip for when you ejaculate. The semen should have some place to go. If you don’t leave enough room to collect the semen, it could possibly break the condom. Always leave some room at the tip of the condom for the semen, or pinch the tip to make some room.

Is the condom fresh?

Condoms have expiration dates. This is because they can dry out, especially if exposed to heat or sunlight. If your condom is too dry, this will increase the chance the condom will break when being used.

Always make sure your condoms are fresh and avoid storing them where there is excessive heat. If you’re carrying a condom in your pocket be sure to use a condom case.

Are you using novelty condoms?

Don’t judge a condom by its wrapper. There are some novelty condoms which might look fun on the outside but are not safe to be used against STDs and pregnancy.

Novelty condoms usually don’t go through the same strict safety and quality standard as regular condoms. Make sure you’re using a reliable condom that passed all quality standards and is approved for use against pregnancy and STDs.

Are you using an odd sexual position?

This is a less common cause of condom breakage, but it can happen. Some more adventurous sexual positions can cause the condom to dislodge and break.

Are you using sex toys or devices?

If you’re using sex toys or any other type of device, especially ones made of metal, then any sharp edge might perforate the condom and cause it to tear or burst during use. Be extra careful when using any toys or other sexual devices when you are wearing a condom.

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