Non-Toxic, Natural and Chemical-Free Condoms

For the many people who care about the environment and their health, it’s great news that there are now many options for addressing these concerns in the bedroom. Now, with the availability of natural, chemical free and non-toxic condoms, you can enjoy sex while still making a smart choice for you and for the planet.


In the past, when you would see the word “natural” on a condom package, this would almost always be on a package of condoms that are made of sheepskin. Nowadays, that’s not the case.

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Back then, sheepskin was natural, but it certainly wouldn’t be something that many vegetarians, vegans, animal rights activists and environmentalists would have been too happy about.

Casein, which is a milk derivative, is also commonly used in condoms, which is decidedly not vegan friendly.

Now, there are condom choices that are made of plant-based ingredients, so this ever growing niche of people who are concerned about animals and the planet can buy condoms that fit with their ethics and lifestyle.

organic condomsThese days, when you see a condom brand with the word “natural”, you are most likely looking at the GLYDE brand of condoms.

This company in particular strives to make condoms and other products that appeal to the eco-conscious. Not only are they vegan friendly, being completely plant based, but they are also eco-friendly. Their materials are sourced in sustainable, ethical ways.

This means sourcing materials and packaging from areas very close to their manufacturing facility. GLYDE condoms are actually manufactured using high quality, sustainably harvested rubber for their latex – which is produced by a Fair Trade grower.

With their facility located closer to where their materials are sourced, this cuts down tremendously on the transportation, emissions and equally as important, t supports the local economies where its made.

Health wise, natural condoms use non-toxic ingredients; therefore they are easier on your body. Not only will they be much less likely to cause you irritation or irritate an already existing allergy, but they are safer to use than typical condoms as they are free of harsh chemicals. For any woman, making the choice to buy natural condoms is a smart choice, and since women purchase 40% of condoms, natural condoms make sense for women who are particular about what they put in, and on their bodies.

Many conventional condoms are treated with a spermicidal substance, which has been shown to cause some women to have an increased risk of urinary tract infections.

In addition, spermicides are also more likely than natural condoms to cause irritation, such as itching and burning to the vaginal area. In addition, these issues with spermicidal substances can potentially cause an increase in the risk for sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV.

Any kind of irritation can cause the condom to dislocate or not work correctly in the vagina. There is also a risk for an allergic reaction to spermicides, especially with frequent use. By choosing a natural condom with no chemicals, women can avoid this issue.

Another cause for concern with most popular condom brands is the use of parabens. Parabens are a preservative substance that is widely used in personal care products of all kinds, from skin care to deodorants to lotions to make-up to cleansers and many other products. It is so widely used that it is even found in many products that are used for baby skin care.

In a recent study, parabens were found in the breast tissue of all women who were tested who used typical deodorant products. This raised some concern that parabens may be leading to breast cancer. While there has not been any direct link established yet, this is certainly a concern, as parabens are known to have estrogen like effects in the body.

Since the majority of personal and skin care products, including condoms are used directly on or with the skin, this has raised alarms and many health advocates are recommending women choose paraben free products for their personal care products. It’s especially a concern since any substance when applied to the skin is absorbed into the body in at least some amount. After all, the skin is our body’s largest organ, so it makes sense. Natural condoms are chemical free; therefore they are also paraben free.

Natural condoms are also free of other chemicals that may be of concern to you. These include petrochemicals, glycerin and talc. Petrochemicals have been shown to be a possible hormone disruptor.

In addition, glycerin, found in some personal lubricants, has been shown to contribute to some vaginal yeast infections. Talc, another common ingredient, has been shown to be a carcinogen and irritant.

There are many other reasons to choose natural condoms though. In particular, GLYDE condoms are known for their high quality, and they recently were awarded top marks by the world’s first comprehensive condom study performed at the University of Oregon.

The brand was awarded high marks for feel and sensation. Since their condoms use natural ingredients like thistle extract and natural rubber, these materials naturally result in a smoother and softer condom texture.

buy glyde condomsLastly, as we all know, having peace of mind and security, is a well-known aphrodisiac, so by choosing natural condoms, you might just enjoy sex more!

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