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SirRichard Collection PackIf you want to practice safe sex then you will need a condom. However, with the plethora of options on the market how do you choose the right one? It is incredibly difficult to get a new condom brand out there on the market, however ‘Sir Richard’s’ is going to try its best to do so, it seems to be succeeding as well with its rather unique marketing approach.

As I am sure you are aware, sexual diseases such as AIDs and other diseases are rampant in some parts of the world, many people are being killed by these every day. The sad thing however is that these diseases are preventable through safe sex.

This is down to a condom shortage in that area or maybe the fact that people do not want to purchase them. This is where ‘Sir Richard’s’ marketing statement comes into force.

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Update: Sir Richard’s condoms seem to be discontinued. We will update the post when we find out more. They are unavailable in all stores, including their official online store.

SirRichardsClassicFor every condom purchased they will donate one to one of these countries where condoms are in short supply. In an effort to get people buying these condoms they use local artists to design a brand that will sell.

This really is an incredibly powerful marketing approach and you will love having the knowledge that every time you purchase one of their condoms you are making a genuine difference to the world.

There are many condom companies out there; some big brands included which just pump out condoms in bulk at the cheapest possible price. Sir Richard’s has taken a different approach here. They have ensured that only the most quality materials are used in the production of their condoms.

Each one is made of 100% latex for the ultimate protection. They are well lubricated for more pleasurable sex and best of all, they don’t really smell like latex at all. This is something that many women actually found repulsive.

Their condom range is free of all the chemicals that females have expressly stated they don’t want in their vagina as they have found that it irritates them. Therefore you won’t find any glycerine, spermicide or parabens added to the condom. In addition to this they are vegan friendly as they do not contain ‘Casein’.

If that wasn’t enough every single condom has been tested to ensure that it is as safe and reliable as possible. Honestly, sex has never been so safe. There are very few condom manufacturers out there that employ these checks. Therefore if you want something that is almost guaranteed safe then Sir Richard’s is the brand to go for.

The company has all the standard condom styles in their range including:

  • Sir Richard’s Extra Thin for the most pleasurable sex. These condoms have a width of 2.08″/53mm (+/- 2 mm). length of 7.08″/180mm and a thickness of just 0.002″/0.059 mm
  • Sir Richard’s Classic Ribbed for the safest possible sex. This is the traditional style of a condom and it never disappoints. 2.08″/53mm (+/- 2 mm) wide, 7.08″/180mm long and 0.003″/0.073mm thick.
  • Sir Richard’s Pleasure Dots – Hundreds of small dots are coating this condom to give the ultimate pleasure to both partners. 2.08″/53mm (+/- 2 mm) wide; 7.08″/180mm long and 0.003″/0.073mm thick.
  • Sir Richard’s Extra Large for the more well-endowed amongst you. Their largest condom is 2.2″/56mm (+/- 2 mm) wide, 7.28″/185mm long and have a thickness of 0.003″/0.084mm.

Plenty of choice for most people, but I do hope they will add more sizes soon!

You can purchase Sir Richard’s Brand Condoms in numerous places online as well as in retail stores. It is suggested that you check out these condoms, not only for the quality materials but also for the fact that purchasing them can help make a real difference.

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