What Are Spermicidal Lubricated Condoms

Spermicidal lubricated condoms are special condoms that have an added lube to it. The lubrication used is a spermicide, a substance that can destroy sperms. It follows then, that when this special type of condom is worn, the user gets twice the protection.

Spermicides, no matter how effective they seem, can’t be used on its own. When relied upon as the primary birth control method, the instance of it failing is relatively higher when compared to using other methods. This is why spermicides and condoms to go very well together.

Trojan Her Pleasure Spermicidal Lubricated Condoms 12-PackUsing spermicidal lubricated condoms gives twice the protection than just using one birth control method. However, spermicides only work on sperms. It is powerful only against preventing pregnancy, not on fighting sexually transmitted diseases. Spermicidal lubricated condoms give a person twice the peace of mind during intercourse.

The spermicide is used as a special coating for the condom. There’s no special method in using it. The condom is worn as is. However, when used separately, spermicide is supposed to be applied on the intended area before contact. Read the instructions on the bottle and follow the directions.
Using spermicidal lubricated condoms have its advantages. Aside from double protection against pregnancy, it also adds more lubrication to the latex thus preventing breakage. There’s no need to use oils, which could weaken the condom. And since the spermicidal and the condom come together, there’s no need for prescriptions anymore. These condoms are easy to use and very cost effective.

However, there are some slight disadvantages to it too. For those who don’t like any form of lubrication, the spermicidal can be a little messy. Others may even develop some sort of allergic reaction to it. There’s also a possibility of it slipping off that could somewhat interfere during intercourse. Spermicidal lubricated condoms are more reliable and effective to use. Try them out and decide if it’s what you need.

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