Why You Should Consider Vegan Condoms

Vegan condoms might seem like a new and innovative concept, but they are not new at all. In fact, vegan condoms were first developed twenty-five years ago when veganism was practiced by only a small percentage of the population. With the vegan diet and philosophy becoming more main-stream, there is a growing interest in personal care products like condoms, made with vegan values.

You might be thinking, why on earth would I need vegan condoms? And why are regular drugstore condom brands not vegan?

Well, you might be surprised, but the majority of popular condom brands are not vegan because of the ingredients used in their formulas. Most conventional brands contain a substance called casein, which is milk derived, and used in the processing of rubber latex. Because casein comes from animals, it is not vegan and any product that features or is made using this ingredient cannot be considered vegan.

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There are many reasons why this may be a concern to you, this article will explain some reasons why you might consider this special type of condom for sexual health.

You’re Vegan

For a vegan, choosing vegan condoms makes total sense because they are made without any animal based ingredients – in the condom or packaging. If you are a strict vegan, which means avoiding use or ingestion of any and all animal products, then regular condoms would be a big no-no. In fact, not only do many conventional condoms contain a milk based ingredient, but some specialty condoms are actually made of the skins of animals. Specifically, there are condoms made of lamb skin. You’ll definitely want to avoid this type of condom.


Vegan condoms are a great choice if you are concerned about how animals are treated for the manufacturing, processing and testing of personal care products. Some vegan condom brands get their stamp of approval by animal rights groups like PETA, whereas GLYDE (the first ever vegan condom) is certified ethical & vegan by The Vegan Society – the organization that coined the term “vegan”.

Ethical and Fair Trade

Vegan condoms are typically made with Fair Trade practices including using natural rubber that is grown on farms who abide by fair labor laws, and employing factory workers who are paid a fair, living wage. Some condom companies go as far as ensuring women and men are paid equally – which might not be the norm in the country where they are produced. With a Fair Trade product you can be sure there is no sweatshop labor or slaves making the condoms or the packaging.

Environmental Concerns

If you or your partner is concerned about the environmental impact of your sexual activities, then vegan condoms are a great choice. Brands like GLYDE condoms, are manufactured using environmentally sensitive methods, with care and attention paid to sustainability and minimizing environmental impact to air, water and nature. For example, GLYDE condoms are made with latex from rubber that is sourced as close as possible to their manufacturing facility, thus lessening the impact on the atmosphere by minimizing the energy needed to transport the ingredients. In addition, this particular company states that their packaging is made with recycled materials and the inks used are non-toxic and plant-based.


Vegan condoms generally use fewer chemicals or try to source processing ingredients and compounds from natural sources such as herbs and vegan food based ingredients. For instance, brands like GLYDE use actual organic food safe extracts to make their flavored condoms instead of chemical flavorings. In addition, some vegan condom brands go the extra mile and make sure to source non-GMO ingredients.

Animal Lover

If you care about animals, or your lover does, then using vegan condoms, even if you aren’t vegan, will likely be appreciated by your partner.

Trustworthy Quality

All condom production standards are set by the World Health Organization and the FDA and European CE which means all condoms are tested for safety and efficacy. Vegan condoms are sometimes better because they are stronger due to their formula, and they perform essentially the same for all types of uses, including vaginal sex, oral sex and anal sex. There is no need to worry about vegan condoms not performing up to the standard of other conventional brands because all condoms have to be made and tested in compliance with these global standards.

Dating a Vegan

If you’re dating a vegan, you will definitely want to take advantage of vegan condoms. Your partner will definitely appreciate that you thought about their vegan lifestyle and considered it when buying condoms. If you are a vegan, make sure to buy some vegan condoms before the mood arises. If you are dating a vegan, think ahead and surprise your vegan lover with a pack of vegan condoms, you may be surprised, and hopefully delighted, at the passionate and sensual results.

Vegan Condom Brands

Currently, there are several main manufacturers of vegan condoms, these include GLYDE, Sir Richard’s and Condomi. GLYDE, in particular, is the manufacturer of the most popular brands of vegan condoms and is certified vegan by The Vegan Society. They make other vegan sexual intimacy products as well, including things like dental dams, lubricants and even flavored condoms, all certified vegan.

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