Vegan condoms

Why Vegan Condoms?

Glyde condomsAt one point in time the condom market did not actually cater to the vegan community, something which could be considered very unacceptable when we think about teenage pregnancies and the other more severe forms of preventing it.

After realizing the negligence towards the vegan community, a lot of Condom brands, particularly Glyde Condoms, have actually taken the time to develop and release a wide range of vegan Condoms.

Why do Vegans need special condoms?

This is a question that a lot of non-vegan people are probably asking themselves. You are probably aware of what being vegan actually means, but for those who do not, it simply means that they do not believe in the use of animal based products, including products with animal derivatives or animal ingredients.

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Traditional condoms are made from latex, and unless you know a lot about latex you will not understand why it does not appeal to vegans. The actual reason is that casein – a very common milk protein is used in the processing of latex.

Milk is heavily shunned by the Vegan community, as it comes from cows, and a vast majority of the cows that are bred today only live to eventually be part of the milk or meat markets.

What has been used to replace the Latex Condom?

Whilst many cannot imagine other materials being used in the production of condoms, there are definitely alternatives. Glyde, for example, uses a vegetable extract, while a German manufacturer called Condomi uses cocoa powder. This at first sounds strange to many non-vegan folks, as the only place we hear of cocoa powder is in chocolate and other sweet food products incorporating chocolate.

The idea of using vegan condoms made with chocolate powder or vegetable extract should not put you off their ability to be used in the practice of safe sex, and you should understand that a huge amount of testing has been done to ensure they provide maximum safety.

Replacing the latex has not actually caused a huge different in the quality or feel of the condoms, and the chances are that if someone who uses regular condoms was to try one they would hardly tell the difference.

Glyde Condom Sizes

Because this is the Condom Sizes website we, of course, have to include the vegan condom sizes, and particularly sizes for GLYDE which is the vegan condoms industry leader. As you will see Glyde condoms come in several different sizes so almost everyone can find his fit.

CondomDescriptionSizeWhere to buy
Glyde SlimFit
GLYDE Slimfit Premium Lubricated Condoms 12-Pack
These Slimfit condoms from Glyde measure 49mm for a snugger fit. Lubricated, with a reservoir tip.
Width: 49mm / 1.93''
Length: 170 mm / 6.7''
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Glyde Ultra Premium Condoms
GLYDE Ultra Premium Lubricated Condoms 12-Pack
Standard size 100% Vegan Condoms, lubricated, strong and sheer. They are of standard shape and have a reservoir tip.
Width: 53mm / 2.09''
Length: 180 mm / 7.09''
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GLYDE Ultra Blueberry
GLYDE Ultra Blueberry Flavored Condom 3-Pack
Standard size but with a blueberry flavor.Width: 53mm / 2.09''
Length: 180 mm / 7.09''
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GLYDE Ultra Strawberry
GLYDE Ultra Strawberry Flavored Condom 3-Pack
Standard size but with a strawberry flavor.Width: 53mm / 2.09''
Length: 180 mm / 7.09''
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GLYDE Ultra Wildberry
GLYDE Ultra Wildberry Flavored Condom 12-Pack
Standard size but with a wild-berry flavor.Width: 53mm / 2.09''
Length: 180 mm / 7.09''
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GLYDE Maxi Premium Lubricated Condoms 12-Pack
Larger size Glyde condom. Lubricated, natural color, standard shape and a reservoir tip.Width: 56mm / 2.2''
Length: 190 mm / 7.48''
Thickness: 0.062mm
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