Lambskin Condoms or Sheepskin Condoms

Have you suffered from an allergic reaction to latex condoms in the past? Are you looking for a viable alternative? Well, one such option on the market at the moment is a lambskin condom, made from lamb or sheep intestines. As you can probably guess, this product is not for vegans looking to avoid latex. Let’s take a little look at them, shall we?

How Lambskin Condoms Work

Lambskin condoms, which are also known as sheepskin condoms, can be described as the most natural condoms ever made available to men. Actually, this is the first type of condoms used by males. Needless to say, it was already in circulation even before the latex condoms became popular. The use of these condoms can even be traced way back to the Roman Empire.

Lambskin condoms are used in the same way as traditional condoms: they are designed to cover the male penis during intercourse. These condoms are quite effective in deterring the instances of unwanted pregnancies and were quite popular because of their very natural feel coupled with heightened level of sensation.

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Advantages of Lambskin Condoms

Trojan Natural LambMany men who have used lambskin condoms say they have the most natural feel. This must be because of the fact that these condoms are very natural. It has no plant-based or synthetic components at all. The sensitivity level offered by this kind of condom is high. Men even say that they feel like they’re wearing nothing with them on.

Lambskin condoms are also warmer to the feel compared to the latex and other non-latex variants which feel so cold. Since this kind is made of animal skin, the effect is quite interesting. The level of sensitivity that lambskin condoms provide is appealing to a lot of men. Those who are willing to trade anything for the most natural feel are sure going to be attracted to it.

The Disadvantages of Lambskin Condoms

Because of their natural source, lambskin condoms are more expensive than any other kind of condom on the market. In addition, they are not as widely sold as latex condoms or other alternatives. These condoms cannot be mass produced in the same way latex condoms are, and the reason for that is obvious.

Furthermore, lambskin condoms are not effective against sexually transmitted infections. This is because the condom skin itself has small pores in which STD viruses can possibly pass through. The holes are big enough to hold back the sperm, but it can’t do the same for the viruses. That’s why you should only use them if you are in a monogamous relationship or with a partner you can actually trust is disease-free.

Where to get lambskin condoms – Trojan Natural Lamb

Trojan Natural LambTrojan, a no. 1 condom brand in the US, has a lambskin condom called Trojan Natural Lamb. They are sold in some stores and pharmacies, but you can also order them online. They can be bought online for as low as $8.99 (3-pack). Ready to try them? You can order them here.

Trojan Natural Lamb Size

When it comes to size, these condoms are wider than average. With a width of 2.7″ (68 mm) and a length of 7.9″ (200 mm), they are actually among the largest condoms on the condom size chart. On the other hand, they are not nearly as stretchable as latex. They come with a KLING-TITE band to hold the condom in place. Make sure you always use it to ensure that the condom stays on.

Another fun alternative is to place a Vibrating Ring over the condom to hold it on more tightly. Your erections will be harder, your partner will get extra pleasure from the vibrations, and you’ll be sure that the condom will stay in place.

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