Why You Have To Try Warming Condoms – Condoms with a Warming Lubricant

If you’re looking to enliven your sex life with something new in the bedroom, consider this fun twist on a modern mainstay, a warming condom. No matter how much or how little you know your partner in bed, trying something new is a surefire way to bring excitement and something different into your sex life.

What are they?

Quite simply, warming condoms are condoms that are lubricated with a special warming formula. It is completely safe and fully FDA approved for use during sex. The specially formulated lubricant mildly warms on contact and thus works to enhance the sensation for both partners. The mild warmth increases intimacy and brings a new and interesting sensation into the bedroom. Yet, they still provide the comfort and protection that you would expect from ordinary condoms.

Common Brands

Some common brands of warming condoms include the Trojan line, including Fire & Ice and Ecstasy. Trojan also offers a version of their popular Magnum line, called Fire & Ice Dual Lubricated.

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These specialty condoms are also available from Lifestyles in their Turbo with Excite Gel line.

The dual lubricated brands include lubricant inside the condom and also on the exterior of the condom, lending the desired sensation to both partners. Here’s an overview of the different brands available in warming condoms.

Update: some of the condoms on the list have been discontinued and few new options have been introduced. Read on to find out more.

Trojan Double Ecstasy

lifestyles pleasureThis popular brand of condom combines two of the Trojan brand’s popular specialty condoms, the Ecstasy brand which is specially designed for natural freedom of movement, and the Fire & Ice line, which features the enhanced sensation of a special lubricant that provides a gentle warming.

The shape of this condom is quite special, in that they created a very comfortable shape at the end and tapered it at the base so that the condom will stay firmly in place during use.

These condoms also feature deep ribs at the base, for additional stimulation. These are also available in a handy 10 pack box.

Trojan Fire & Ice Dual Lubricant

fire ice dualThese condoms are available in the traditional shape, and boast both a warming and cooling sensation.

Some reviewers of the Fire & Ice line of condoms said that one partner felt a cooling sensation, while the other experiences a tingly, warming sensation.

As with all Trojan condoms, they are made with high quality latex and are tested electronically to insure the highest reliability. The standard package includes 10 double lubricated condoms.

Trojan The Edge

trojan edgeNewer condom from Trojan which seems to be introduced in 2019 but it’s already getting harder to find. Besides a changing sensations lubricant it features a flared shape.

Some users describe the sensation that the lube brings as “fiery”. To read more about it visit the Trojan official page at this link.

Trojan Magnum Fire & Ice Dual Lubricated (DISCONTINUED)

magnum fireiceThese condoms from Trojan are the same as the Fire & Ice line, but with slightly larger size available in the Magnum line of condoms. This is an excellent choice if your erection is a bit larger in size than most men (if your penis circumference is between 5.1″ to 5.5″).

The dual lubrication feature offers the warming and tingling sensation both inside the condom and outside the condom. As is typical for condoms, they come in a convenient and affordable 10 count box.

Lifestyles Turbo with Excite Gel (DISCONTINUED)

lifestyles turboThis product from Lifestyles comes in a 10 pack box. The Excite gel they refer to contains an amino acid called L-Arginine. Used widely by weight lifters and fitness fanatics to increase physical performance, it’s no surprise that it can also have an effect sexually as well.

The Excite gel is used for double lubrication, both inside and outside the condom bringing the Excite gel sensation to both partners.

Trojan Pleasure Pack

trojan pleasure packTrojan also offers this handy sampler of the different kinds of condoms they offer. It includes several of the Twisted, Sensations, Intense and Fire & Ice types of condoms.

This makes it very convenient to try the different types available, and then you can decide which ones you like best.

Trojan Nirvana

Another variety pack with 4 different condoms, one of them being Trojan Amplified which features a warming & tingling lube. Others in the package are Trojan Breathless, Bold & Real.

Similar to Trojan Pleasure but with a new, cool design.

Why would you want to use them?

Use them to enhance the pleasure, excitement and passion in your sex life. Warming condoms can be an especially useful tool for adding excitement into a monogamous relationship that seems to be getting boring in the bedroom.

For couples who’ve been married a long time, warming condoms may be just the thing you need to add that little extra bit of surprise to your sex life. No matter how long you’ve been together, the act of simply adding some new element to your sex life can bring about a renewed vigor and passion in the bedroom.

Renowned sex and relationship therapists often recommend trying something different in your sexual routine to excite interest in a stagnating sexual relationship.

Things like vibrating rings, role playing and even bondage can be effective, but they are not always pleasurable for both partners, nor are they practical additions to some relationships.

Warming condoms are a safer, more practical solution for many couples. They provide a pleasure and protection for both partners that you may be surprised with.

Warming condoms can be just the thing to add to any ailing sexual relationship that desperately needed spark back. Click here to browse the selection.

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