OKAMOTO ZERO ONE 0.01mm Condom

Any condom enthusiast will know that not too long ago, Sagami introduced a rather revolutionary condom. It was 0.018mm thick. This was one of the thinnest condoms on the market, but only for a short amount of time. Okamoto are not a company who like to be one-upped, so a short amount of time after, they introduced their own version of the same condom. Let me introduce you to the Okamoto Zero One 0.01mm condom.

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The Okamoto Zero One 0.01mm condom is made from Basin system polyurethane. It is designed to be as thin as possible. This ensures fully-protected sex, whilst at the same time ensuring that the ‘feel’ of wearing a condom is not quite there. You will barely be aware that you are wearing one of these.

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This particular condom, as mentioned previously, is made of polyurethane.

Okamoto Zero One Size

Length: 175±7mm length
Width: 52±2mm width
Thickness: 0.01mm (along all parts of the condom, measured with the standard of Okamoto)
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Whilst this is a material that can provide a fantastic barrier, even at the thinnest levels, it is not particularly great at being stretched. The condom width is around 52mm, which would be a regular size for a latex condom, but polyurethane doesn’t stretch too much. This means that if you use a regular condom and find it too tight, or if you have a slightly thicker than average girth, you will most likely find that the Okamoto Zero 0.01mm condom is not all that great to wear.

In fact, the most common complaint about this condom is that it can be a bit too tight for some people. If it is too tight and you can’t get it on properly, then you will obviously not be getting the highest level of protection possible. The main reason as to why it feels tight and isn’t built for larger girths is due to it coming from Japan. Condoms tend to be a slightly smaller size there. Sagami offers a solution, however.

Looking for something slightly larger?

Unfortunately Okamoto hasn’t yet released a large version of this condom
UPDATE: Okamoto now offers a larger version of this condom called Okamaoto Zero One L size. Lets take a look at its stats:
Length: 175±7mm length
Width: 56±2mm width
Thickness: 0.01mm
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As you can see it’s a bit wider with a 56mm width. If you usually use latex condoms of 56mm width there is a chance this still wont be enough for you. But it’s worth a try! However, if you use condoms even larger than that, you can probably skip this condom (check the condom calculator if you’re not sure what you should use).

Sagami also has a solid backup. Event though Sagami Original 001 has a similar width and is even slightly shorter (170mm vs 175mm length of Okamoto Zero One), they offer a larger version in the older Sagami 002 edition.

sagami original largeThe Sagami Original Large 0.02mm is larger than the Okamoto Zero 0.01mm and Sagami Original 001 condom. It sits at 58mm in width and 190mm in length. Therefore, if you believe this particular condom is not going to fit, you can try out the Sagami Large version. It is also made of polyurethane though, so do not expect it to stretch all that much more.
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Sagami Original 002 Large is little bit thicker but it’s not worth it to compromise your safety for just a couple of microns of difference.

For those with far larger girths, there has yet to be a product released on the market of this nature suitable for you.

Other than the thickness, the rest of the condom is much the same as other polyurethane condoms on the market. It is well-lubricated, straight-walled and has a teat end. It is applied in the same way, too.

Whilst it is a little bit thinner, it is not uncommon for people to feel as though they are going to break it. If you have the right size, no fear, as this condom is as durable, or even more, than almost every other latex option on the market. As long as you are not digging your nails into it whilst putting it on, you should have absolutely zero issues using it. In fact, you can look forward to some of the most pleasurable sex of your life.

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