A Guide to Buying Condoms in Thailand — Sizes, Brands, Prices, and Stores

So you’re in Thailand and you need some condoms. Well, I did some on-the-ground research and in this post, I’ll go through all the options that I found there.

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Where to buy condoms

Almost anywhere in Thailand you will find a store that is open 24/7. There are 7-Eleven stores everywhere (over 13,000 stores across Thailand in 2023). They are always open and, of course, they stock condoms. Tesco Lotus is another big store chain with over 2,000 stores in 2022, and most of them are smaller Tesco Lotus Express stores that are open 24/7. Since 2013, Tesco Lotus also offers online shopping, so you can even order online or simply check what kind of products they sell and their prices.

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Besides 7-Eleven and Tesco Lotus, the FamilyMart chain is also well represented in Thailand, and of course there are a lot of smaller family operated stores everywhere you go as well.

Another option is to purchase them at a pharmacy, and I found that the Watsons pharmacies have a particularly solid selection.

Big supermarkets, like Tops Market, will obviously also sell condoms, although the selection was pretty weak in one such supermarket that I visited.

Brands, prices, and sizes

I found the following brands in Thailand: Durex, Onetouch Condoms, Playboy, MY One, Lifestyles, Okamoto and Hayashi. We already wrote about Durex, Playboy, and Okamoto condom brands, while Onetouch Condoms is a Thai brand that is not so prominent in the West.

There is a German brand with almost the same name (One Touch Condoms), but it seems they are not connected in any way. Most of their condoms have the same width (52mm), which is basically an average size, but they are different in style (different textures, flavors, lubricants, and shapes).

Condoms are mostly sold in 3-pack boxes, while a few brands offer a bigger 12-pack. A 3-pack will cost you anywhere from ฿35 to ฿109, which is around $1 to $3.15. Durex condoms are the most expensive, followed by Okamoto, while condoms from Playboy and One Touch are on the cheaper side.

What I liked about the condoms sold here is that every box I looked at had one vital piece of information displayed on the back — the width of the condom. And we’ve written before about how that number is measured and why it’s important to consider it when choosing a condom.

The condom sizes I found ranged from 49mm in width (measured flat) up to 57mm. You can see all the condoms and their measurements in the size chart below.

So let’s see what’s available at 7-Eleven, Tesco Lotus, FamilyMart, and Watsons.

7eleven condoms    watsons condoms    familymart condoms

Condoms from 7-Eleven

At 7-Eleven I found condoms from Durex, Playboy, Onetouch, and Okamoto. They are usually on display next to the cashier near the entrance of the store.

Condoms from FamilyMart

What I found at FamilyMart was pretty similar to the condoms I found at 7-Eleven. They also had condoms from Playboy, Durex, Okamoto, and Onetouch, but the particular FamilyMart I visited had a wider selection. On the other hand, prices at FamilyMart are also a bit higher. For example, Durex Comfort was 105 baht at FamilyMart vs. 99 baht at 7-Eleven.

Condoms from Tesco Lotus

At Tesco Lotus you will mostly find the same brands and products found at 7-Eleven, and the prices are similar if not the same. You can see and browse all the condoms that they stock at this page of their online store.

Condoms from Watsons

I stumbled upon a big Watsons health care store and, expectantly, they had the largest selection of condoms. Besides all of the aforementioned condom brands, they were the only place that had a non-latex condomLifestyles SKYN. It’s also the only place where I found an Okamoto XL condom (54mm in width) and Okamoto XXL (57mm width – the largest condom I found in Thailand).

They also have Durex Comfort and Durex Dual Pleasure which boast a 56mm width.

Here’s their official website where you can check the condom selection that Watsons carries: watsons.co.th.

Condom Size Chart: Thailand Version

CondomWidthStoresNoteBuy online
Durex Kingtex
49mm7-Eleven, FamilyMart, Watsons details
Playboy Match
playboy match
49mm7-Eleven, Tesco Lotus, Watsons details
Okamoto Suprema Lite
suprem alite
49mmFamilyMart, Watsonsultra thin details
One Touch Ultima
one touch ultima
50.5mmFamilyMart, Watsonsultra thin details
Durex Sensation
durex sensation
52mm7-Eleven, FamilyMart, Tesco Lotus, Watsonstextured details
Okamoto 003
okamoto 003
52mm7-Eleven, Tesco Lotus, Watsonsultra thin details
Okamoto 003 Aloe
okamoto aloe
52mmFamilyMart, 7-Eleven, Watsonsultra thin with aloe vera lubricant details
Okamoto Dot De Cool
dot de cool
52mmFamilyMart, Tesco Lotus, Watsonsdots and cooling menthol lubricant details
One Touch Happy
onetouch happy
52mm7-Eleven, Watsonsvanilla scent details
Lifestyles SKYN
52mmWatsonsnon-latex details
One Touch Max Dot
one touch maxx dot
52mm7-Eleven, Tesco Lotus, Watsonstextured details
One Touch Mixx
one touch mixx
52mm7-Eleven, FamilyMart, Tesco Lotus, Watsons details
One Touch Strawberry
one touch strawberry
52mmTesco Lotus, Watsonsstrawberry flavor details
One Touch Solution

one touch solution
52mmTesco Lotus, Watsonscontains benzocaine lubricant details
Playboy Fetherlite

playboy fetherlite
52mmFamilyMart, Tesco Lotusultra thin details
Durex Fetherlite Ultima
durex FE ultima
52.5mm7-Eleven, Watsonsultra thin details
Durex Performa
durex performa
52.5mm7-Eleven, FamilyMart, Tesco Lotus, Watsonscontains benzocaine lubricant details
Durex M-11
durex m11
52.5mmFamilyMart. Tesco Lotus, Watsonscontains Nonoxynol-11 lubricant details
Durex Strawberry
durex strawberry
52.5mm7-Eleven, FamilyMart, Tesco Lotus, Watsonsstrawberry flavor details
Durex Love
durex love
52.5mmTesco Lotus, Watsons details
Durex Fetherlite
durex fetherlite
52.5mmFamilyMart, Tesco Lotus, Watsonsultra thin details
Okamoto Strawberry
okamoto strawberry
53mmWatsonsstrawberry flavor details
Durex Excita
durex excita
53mmFamilyMart, Watsonsribbed, spermicidal lubricant details
Okamoto XL
okamoto xl
54mmWatsons details
Durex Dual Pleasure
(Mutual Climax)
durex dual pleasure
56mm7-Eleven, Watsonsribbed, climax delay lubricant (benzocaine) details
Durex Comfort
durex comfort
56mm7-Eleven, FamilyMart, Tesco Lotus, Watsons details
Okamoto XXL
okamoto xxl
57mmWatsons details

Which condom should you buy?

As you can see from the chart above, the selection is pretty solid and it is likely that you will find a good condom for yourself.
The first thing you should consider is your circumference (read this post on how to measure it).

Once you have this measurement, it’s easy to pick your condom:

  • In case your circumference is below 4.7in, go with a 49mm condom.
  • In case you have an average penis girth (from 4.7 to 5.1in), pick a 52 or 53mm condom.
  • In case you are above average in the girth department (more than 5.1in), go with a 56mm condom (for example, Durex Comfort).
  • If you need a condom that’s larger than 56mm in width, then be sure to bring condoms from home or order them online. The same applies if the 49mm condom feels too loose, which can be the case if your girth is below 4.3in (109mm).

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