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Condoms are a dime a dozen these days. Whether you get them from your local family health center or a pharmacy, there are several different styles of condoms that are readily available for you to purchase.

Latex condoms don’t need any introduction, but I’ve been also writing about one latex alternative recently.

OkamotoA Japanese brand called Okamoto offers both latex and polyurethane condoms, and they’ve been popular for their thinness and quality. Since 1934, Okamoto condoms have been scientifically engineered to provide that real feeling while still protecting from pregnancy and STDs. Hours of research have been put into these condoms, and that research continues today.

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In order to get the best feel, Okamoto has designed condoms made out of Sheerlon, a special form of latex. Sheerlon is about half the thickness of the average latex condom, yet it doesn’t sacrifice any of the protection or quality that regular latex has always offered.

Both sensitivity for him and her, as well as the reliability of Sheerlon, have made it one of the most trusted materials that Okamoto condoms utilize today.

Sheerlon was invented with condoms in mind, and it is meant to give you a silkier feel that almost feels like you aren’t actually wearing any protection. Additionally, Sheerlon is odorless, which gets rid of that annoying latex smell that has plagued your sex life for years.

Okamoto crown Skinless SkinOkamoto Crown Skinless Condom is probably their best known condom. This condom continually receives praise and high ratings in all major online stores.

Okamoto Beyond Seven

Okamoto Rubber Ltd., the company behind Okamoto condoms, has another brand under their wing – Okamoto Beyond Seven, which includes Beyond Seven Lightly Lubricated, Beyond Seven Mega Big Boy XL and Beyond Seven Studded. These condoms are also made out of Sheerlon and carry Okamoto’s high production and quality standards.

Okamoto thinnest condoms

Okamoto is also popular for their extremely thin condoms made of polyurethane. They offer one of the thinnest condoms on the market – the Okamoto Zero One 0.01mm condom is just 0.01 mm thick (available on Amazon.co.uk)! Besides thinness, this polyurethane style also allows for the better transmission of heat between bodies, which is what creates the major sensation of sex.

If you would rather stick with the latex, you’ll be happy to hear that they also carry the thinnest latex condom, which is just 0.03 mm thick – Okamoto 0.03 Condom (available on Amazon.co.uk).

These ultra thin condoms are very hard to find in the US. The thinnest you will find is Okamoto 0.04, which you might order from Amazon.com or Luckybloke.com.

Regardless of how thin the condom, there is no need to worry about sacrificing quality. Each Okamoto condom is tested to make sure that they meet or exceed regulatory control, which allows you to worry more about pleasure and less about the possible outcome of having a condom break on you.

Sheerlon Okamoto condoms cost the same as regular latex condoms, which is another added benefit to giving yourself the better feel of a thinner condom. However, if you want to try their thinnest condoms, you’ll have to pay a few bucks extra.

Okamoto Wink

The latest series of Okamoto condoms is called WINK and includes 4 different types of condoms called Closer, Slider, Studded and Large. You can check them out here.

Okamoto Condom Sizes

When it comes to condom sizes, Okamoto didn’t offer that much choice some years ago. All their condoms that were available on the US market were of average size or just slightly below average.

Luckily that has changed with the launch of Beyond Seven Mega Big Boy XL condoms which boasts with the nominal width of 57mm (2.24″) and head width of 72 mm (2.83″). Okamoto Wink Large that we mentioned above is also longer and wider than regular condoms with the width of 56mm (2.2″) and length between 7.5″ and 8.3″ inches.

Take a look at my condom size chart for exact measuring of popular Okamoto condoms, including Beyond Seven and WINK, as well as other brands.

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