Unique Pull Condoms Reviewed – thin condoms with pull strips in a credit card package

One of the most recent entries into the condom market is a brand called Unique Pull. These condoms certainly live up to their name. Read on to find out why.


The Unique brand places a high standard on their manufacturing process and materials. These condoms are made from a polyethylene resin, which is a very advanced and high tech synthetic material. The company claims that this material is stronger than the typical latex material used in most condoms.

In fact, their estimates suggest it is up to three times stronger. However, this material is not as flexible and stretchable as latex. If you apply some force and stretch them, they could change their shape (but there is no reason why you would wanna do that).

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UPDATE: you can order Unique Pull here (link opens in new window) – use code BEST-FIT to get 15% off

Other condom materials must balance strength with thickness, as latex cannot be made stronger while still being thin. With the Unique brand of condoms though, the high tech material used in the place of latex should be both stronger and thinner. The condoms are up to one third less thick than latex.

This is a huge leap forward in condom material technology. In the past, thickness meant less sensitivity, not more. Since the material isn’t latex, it is also safe to use for people with latex allergies, which will be a huge plus for some.

With the thinner material, these condoms will allow couples to experience more feeling and higher sensitivity. The higher sensitivity also allows for more heat conductivity between couples. Basically, more body heat will be felt when having sex which adds to the pleasure.

Tests and reviews

The Unique brand of condoms has been extensively tested in human trials. In a survey of participants, the Unique condoms were preferred by 9 out of 10 over typical latex condoms.

Since the Unique condoms are thinner than latex condoms and transparent, they have a natural, almost nude look. In testing, many users commented it was difficult to tell they were using a condom and had issues feeling the condoms while being used. We can also confirm this from our own experience – this condom really felt thinner and more pleasurable than regular latex condoms.


Unique condoms should always be placed only on a dry penis; lubrication is not recommended inside the condom. The Unique condoms seal to a dry penis for a superior, comfortable and snug fit. However, it’s safe to apply lubrication on the outside of the condom, once you have put it on. They come lightly lubricated on the outside, mostly on the upper part of the condom.

unique pull condoms strips

Pull strips

On first use, users will notice that Unique condoms have pull strips on them. These are used in the application process. The pull strips are pulled towards your body so that the condom slips on incredibly easy.

Once the condom is on, the strips will detach themselves. Mass produced condoms aren’t able to replicate this easy-on feature, as the mass manufacturing process simply does not allow for that kind of customization without adding to the cost of manufacturing and materials.

Check out the video below to see how they look in action (those are basically the same condoms, but with a different branding for South American maket).


Unique Pull condoms come in just one size, which means that they will be good enough for most people, but not for everyone.
The maximum length to which I could unroll the condom is around 170mm (6.7″).
The width of Unique Pull is 58mm (2.28″). Although that’s the width of extra large latex condoms, this material is quite different, so they will be best suitable for those with average and slightly above average circumference. If your circumference is below 4.6″ or above 5.4″ then I’d encourage you to look for some different options or at least be careful while testing them for the first time.

unique plus

UPDATE 2: This condom is now also available in two bigger versions called Unique Plus XL and Unique Plus XXL. Unique Plus XL measures 60-62mm (2.36 inches) in width and 190 mm (7.48 inches) length, while Unique XXL comes with a width of 66 +/-2 mm (2.6″) and around 210 mm length (8.27″). Order Unique Plus condoms here (link opens in new window) – use code BEST-FIT to get 15% off


Another great feature of these condoms is their packaging. They have a credit card design and are the first condoms that can be kept in your wallet without compromising their quality. This credit card package contains three condoms, each in its own compartment. Since you carry it in your wallet, you will always have them available and nearby, and no one will suspect those are condoms in your wallet.

Here’s how they look in my wallet (click on the image for a bigger picture):

unique pull condoms wallet    unique pull condoms wallet

unique pull condoms open


Unique Pull condoms are aimed at people who want to enjoy the best sex possible. They are for people who want protection from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, but also want maximum feeling and enjoyment without having a thick, unwieldy and difficult to put on condom in the way.


  • thinner than latex condoms
  • strong and reliable
  • can be kept in your wallet = easier to carry them with you
  • better sensitivity and heat transfer
  • strips for easier application
  • hypoallergenic (can be used if you have latex allergy)


  • more expensive than regular condoms (3-pack of Unique Pull condoms costs the same as a 12-pack of regular latex condoms)
  • don’t stretch as much as latex, which might feel a bit odd at first if you’re used to latex condoms
  • only one size available

If you don’t mind paying extra and are serious about maximizing every second of your sexual experience, the Unique brand of condoms should be one of your top condom choices.

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I just stumbled across your website today and found out about just how insanely thin condoms can get. I’m so excited to try Unique Pulls! I teach sex ed so I’ll be showing them in my classes as well. Also glad you got me 15% off with Lucky Bloke with BEST-FIT. Thank you!

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