Polyurethane Condoms: The great alternative to latex

trojan supraIn this article we are going to talk about a certain area of the condom market which a lot of people actually will never dive into; the Polyurethane Condoms market. Generally the average male can go into a superstore, pick up any pack of condoms and take them home to use them. Unfortunately, for some this is not the case.

As you may already know a lot of the mainstream condoms were originally developed using latex as a key ingredient.

Whilst this has at some point caused a problem with the Vegan community due to latex being processing with casein a type of milk protein, it also meant there was once no condoms available for those who suffer from a latex allergy; this is where Polyurethane Condoms come into play.

A latex allergy is the term used in medicine where by a patient has frequent allergic reactions caused by natural rubber latex. Of course those with these allergies cannot simply just go without sexual protection, so Polyurethane Condoms may be their main hope.

Various studies have returned the results that Polyurethane Condoms are able to offer the same amount of protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases and infections. They even have some advantages to latex condoms:

  • they are usually thinner
  • can be used with oil lubricants
  • they transfer heat better (increased sensation)

On the other hand, they are not as stretchable as latex condoms, which means that they will be more uncomfortable if you pick the wrong condom size. Besides that, they will usually be more expensive.

sagami originalWhilst the Polyurethane Condoms are great for those who are allergic to latex, you should know that they still have the same risks as a regular condom.

Condoms can split if they are not put on properly or you have purchased the wrong size so take this into account when practicing safe sex. Just about any guide out there to using latex condoms should be applicable to polyurethane condoms, so do have a look through them to make sure that you are using these condoms correctly.

Where can you buy Polyurethane Condoms?

Nowadays many of the larger supermarkets and almost all of the pharmacies out there will sell polyurethane condoms. If you live in a small area and are finding it difficult to get your hands on this type of condom, then head to your local sexual health clinic. They will be more than happy to provide you with advice on sourcing polyurethane condoms. In fact, if you are lucky, you may find that they have some in stock.

If you are still having difficulty getting your hands on the right condom, you can always have a look online. There are hundreds of websites out there which sell this type of condom nowadays.

Here are two popular polyurethane condoms which can easily be purchased online:

Remember, however, before you part with your money, do make sure that you are purchasing the right size condom for your penis. You will also want to make sure that you are getting a variety of condoms that you are happy with wearing. Yes, these condoms are going to be more expensive than standard latex condoms, but they are still going to be a whole lot cheaper than actually having a child or dealing with a sexually transmitted infection or disease!


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