New Sagami Original 0.01 Thinner Than Ever Before

President of Sagami Rubber Industries Ltd, world known Japanese condom manufacturer, recently announced that they’ve developed and put in manufacturing “Sagami Original 0.01”!

Sagami Original rose to fame for its high levels of success and decreasing thickness. The range has been constantly updated to meet the new benchmarks set by the industry, and to also beat the same. As a celebration of its 10th anniversary, Sagami Original 0.01 is launched with a decreased thickness of 18 microns, ensuring maximal eroticism and related sensation with minimal discomfort. The model boasts of being up to 25% thinner than the previous model and is being marketed as the thinnest in the past of Sagami Original!

The product immediately grabbed our attention for its specifications. It is certainly a must try for all those who are on the hunt for some of the thinnest condoms in the world.

Sales are starting on 18th of November 2013, but only in Tokyo, while the rest of the world will have to wait till they expand their production capacity.

UPDATE – Sagami 0.01 is now available on team was lucky enough to receive a few exclusive samples of these new unbelievably thin condoms. We took some photos and one of our readers/supporters got two testing samples. Below we’ll write a bit more about our impressions of Sagami Original 0.01.
First, lets take a look at the specifications.

Product Specification

sagami original 0.01
Nominal width: 55±2mm (110mm circumference)
Length: 170±10mm
Thickness: 18 microns (measured by Sagami standard)
Shape: Straight wall, teat ended
Color: Transparent
Lubricant: Silicone-based lubricant, non-spermicidal
Safety standard: Sagami standard
Retail packing (SKU): 5-pieces pack

sagami original dimensions

As you can judge by its dimensions this condom would best suit those who usually use a regular or a smaller sized condom. The nominal width is actually a bit wider than a regular latex condom width, but keep in mind that polyurethane (which this condom is made of) is less stretchable than latex. So the tightness and constricting feeling might be even more evident in the case of a misfit size.
Although its less stretchable that doesn’t mean it’s less reliable. The Sagami safety standards are ensuring the reliability and security of each polyurethane condom they produce. Intrigued by its thickness I used some force to stretch it as far as it goes but it stayed in one piece.

Each sample condom came in a neat little paper box, and you can see below how it looks after opening it:

sagami original box

Sagami Original001

Here’s how it looks up-close after unwrapping the foil on the top (right side, of course). I placed the Okamoto Skinless Skin condom on the left, which has a thickness of 0.047mm, for comparison. You obviously don’t need a microscope to see the difference – Sagami is so much thinner!

Sagami Original 001

Sagami Original001 unwrapped

On the first look this condom is so thin and fragile that some might be a bit skeptical in its durability. It proved it self in practical use however, as our reader confirmed.

You know that usual smell of a latex condom? Well this condom has no smell at all and I think you’ll agree that’s a neat feature of a polyurethane condom. On the other hand the extreme thinness and the fact it’s less stretchable makes it a bit harder to unroll.

What you’re probably want to find out is ‘can you really feel the difference?’. Well, two samples by one guy is far from a study environment. But yes, our reader who tried it likes it and says he can really feel a difference. He asked us for more of these. Well, sorry buddy, you’ll have to head out all the way to Tokyo Amazon for more.
Or be patient until they release the sales worldwide. Suggested retail price for 5-pieces pack is 1,200 Japanese yen, which is around 12 bucks.

UPDATE – Sagami Original 0.01 is now available on

More about Sagami

Sagami Rubber Industries Co., Ltd. was founded in 1934, the first condom manufacturer in Japan and first condom manufacturer in the world to release colored and dotted condom. In 1998, Sagami has achieved a condom made from special polyurethane, “Sagami Original”.

In 2004, Sagami has finally achieved PU condom with just 20-microns – “Sagami Original 0.02”, instantly it has became the best selling condom in Japan. Today, Sagami condoms are available in more than 50 countries globally and enjoying widespread popularity.

Sagami Original 0.02 is available in Hong Kong since February 2007 in Mannings, Watsons, Circle-K, CR Vango, Parknshop, TASTE, major drugstores and


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