Aoni 001 Ultrathin Condoms – Thinnest Latex Condom

aoni 001If the average male has one complaint about safe sex, it’s that much of the sensation is lost when a condom is added to the equation. While snapping on a piece of latex may not be the most glamorous way to enjoy a night of fun, it is most certainly the safest.

STDs and unwanted pregnancies are the risks you run when you engage in unprotected sex, which is why the humble condom is the tool of choice for men who are not interested in dealing with either of those outcomes. The good news here is that men might now be in for a better sensation when they use Aoni 001 condoms, which are officially the thinnest latex condoms on the market.

This is not a wild claim made by the makers of the Aoni 001 condom, but rather they were awarded the title of the world’s thinnest latex condom by none other than the Guinness Book of World Records back at the tail end of 2013. It should be noted that while these condoms are at the top of the latex list, it is possible to get a thinner condom if you opt to go with one made from polyurethane. A thinner condom is great news for those who engage in unprotected sex, but is the Aoni 001 a viable option or a marketing gimmick? Let’s take a look.

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Aoni Condoms 001 Overview

Let’s start with getting access to the condoms, which can be tricky for some. The Aoni 001 is packaged in easy peel foil clearly marked with a top and bottom. There is no fumbling around or tearing the pack open with your teeth, as the foil can easily be peeled away starting at any of the four corners. That’s a nice touch, and will help keep the mood alive.

As for the condoms themselves, they are made from premium Thailand latex rubber and are lubricated with a water-based substance. They also contain a “Phero-Essence” fragrance that is a whole lot better than the awful rubber scent you get from bargain basement condoms. There are sure to be some of you who are concerned that going for thinness means ignoring durability and safety, but that is absolutely not the case here.

Each and every Aoni 001 condom is rigorously tested to ensure that the most durable product possible is delivered to the customer. That makes them safe to use, assuming of course that they are used as instructed.

Aoni Condoms 001 Size

aoni 001Regular Version
Condom Length: 180mm / 7.09in
Condom Width: 52 mm +-2 mm / 2.047 in
Thickness: 0.036 mm / 0.001417 in

XL Version
Condom Width: 54 mm +-2 mm / 2.13mm

As you can see the XL version is really not that much wider and many well endowed guys still find it too tight. It’s still a worthwhile alternative if you’re slightly above average or on the of the higher end of the average circumference spectrum.

Where To Buy

It’s really unlikely that you will find Aoni condoms in your local store or pharmacy but, luckily, you can order them on Amazon. There are five different versions available at the moment:

The Aoni 001 condoms are indeed ultrathin, and that means a greater level of sensitivity will be experienced during sex. The lubrication on the condom will also ensure that your partner has a comfortable experience, and you can both have peace of mind in knowing that these thin condoms are indeed rugged. You can go online and pick up a pack of 12 Aoni condoms for less than $20, which is a great price considering what you are getting.

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