Best Scented and Flavored Condoms

Whether it’s switching to latex-free styles or spicing it up with flavored and lubricated condoms, there are a variety of ways to enhance your sex life and make it a more pleasurable experience in the bedroom.

Condoms made with polyurethane and polyisoprene make for an odorless and latex-free experience and are ideal for people who are sensitive, have latex allergies, or for those who simply want to rid their sex lives of that latex smell. Other condom brands provide delicious flavors that can enhance oral pleasures and add some spice to the bedroom. Here are some of the best scented and flavored condoms guaranteed to provide a sensual and fun sexual experience.

Lifestyles Skyn Cocktail Club

skyn cocktailLifestyles SKYN Cocktail Club is a premium non-latex flavored condom that comes in three exciting flavors: Passion Daiquiri, Cherry Sunrise and Piña Colada. These lubricated, flexible, soft, and scented condoms are perfect for pleasurable and sensual intimacy without the added latex smell. Lined with silicone-based lubricant, Lifestyle Skyn is safe to use with either silicone or water-based lubricants.

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Its subtle, smooth texture makes it a barely noticeable condom that is especially good for people who are sensitive to latex. Note that the larger version of SKYN condoms is also available but those are not flavored: Lifestyles Skyn Large.

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ONE Flavor Waves: Mint Chocolate

one wavesIf you’re looking for a flavorful addition to your sex life, using flavored condoms is a great way to make things fun.

ONE Flavor Waves comes in an assortment of six unique flavors, one of its most delicious being the mint chocolate flavor. It provides a straight-walled shape and ultra-thin latex formulation that smells and tastes good. Made with an advanced form of latex called Sensatex, ONE condoms are softer, smoother, and clearer than most condoms on the market.

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Durex Tropical Flavors

durex tropical flavorsOne way to add some paradise to the bedroom is to try out the Durex Tropical Flavor condoms. These lubricated latex condoms provide a variety of flavors, featuring a fun mix of tropical orange, banana, and strawberry fruit flavors and colors. Specially lubricated to provide maximum pleasure and glide, these condoms offer low latex scent and ultra-sensitivity. They also come in a variety of types and packages, such as the pleasure pack and intense sensation, so that no matter what you are guaranteed a paradisiacal experience.

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GLYDE Flavored Condoms – Strawberry

glyde strawberryGLYDE offers organic flavored condoms in juicy strawberry flavors. Completely 100% natural, GLYDE is free of parabens, glycerin, and other fake chemicals as well as sugar. These condoms are made with the highest quality, sustainably grown, extra silky natural rubber latex that gives both partners a sensual experience. Its medium fit and organic flavor makes for maximum comfort and extra sheer strength. GLYDE flavored condoms are FDA and CE approved, as well as vegan certified and ethically produced, making it a durable, safe, and delectable choice. They also have a snugger fit version, for those who need a smaller condomGlyde Strawberry Slimfit Condom.

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GLYDE Flavored Condoms – Blueberry

glyde blueberryGlyde also offers flavored condoms in sensual and sweet blueberry flavors. Made organically with high quality, food-grade natural, and organic fruit extracts and no sugar added, GLYDE promises a delicious and safe experience. Standard fit and ultra-thin to maximize sensation and pleasure, the natural plant-based formula of natural rubber latex and thistle extract makes it a unique product. Additionally, the “double-washing” process used in its production eliminates that unpleasant latex taste and odor found in more conventional brands. GLYDE is the first condom brand certified in non-GMO fair trade natural rubber; this combined with its mouthwatering blueberry flavor is enough to create a lasting experience.

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Trustex Cola Flavored Condoms

trustex colaLooking for that sugary taste without the actual sugar? Trustex offers flavored condoms that taste and smell just like Coca-Cola. Now whenever you’re craving that sweet soda taste, just try out this product and it will leave you satisfied.
This latex condom has a reservoir tip and a sugar-free, water-based lubricant built in, ideal for both oral and vaginal use. Trustex condoms, also known as One Labs, are renowned for their many different fun colors and flavors.

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ONE Flavor Waves Sampler

one wavesIf you’re looking for more than one type of flavored goodness, ONE offers a Flavor Waves Sampler that combines the same quality and reliability of ONE condoms with an added bonus of delectable flavors.

The sampler features six fun dessert-like flavors that include mint chocolate, island punch, bubblegum, fresh mint, banana split, and or chocolate strawberry. These assortments will vary, so there’s always a sweet surprise.

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Trustex Assorted Flavors

assorted flavorsSimilarly, Trustex provides an assortment of packaged flavored condoms for your savory needs. All the condoms are color coordinated with their flavors, and it includes seven different flavors: vanilla, banana, strawberry, grape, cola, mint, and chocolate.

This assortment package is perfect for those wishing to try an abundance of different flavors for sexual pleasure.

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Trojan Supra

trojan supraAnother latex-free condom, this product is lubricated and highly recommended for latex-sensitive people.
Super thin and strong, Trojan Supra is made from clear, odor-free, medical-grade polyurethane. Its lubrication transmits body heat for more intimate sensations, and it boasts compatibility with both water-based and oil-based lubricants.
In addition, its natural formula allows for no latex allergens and garners a variety of benefits that latex condoms simply don’t allow.

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Using scented and flavored condoms is the best way to spice up your sex life in the bedroom for a more exciting and pleasurable experience. There are a variety of different brands that offer many flavored and scented products, ranging from lubricated to latex free to sustainably organic for natural use.

Some boast an odorless scent that deviates from the conventional latex smell, while others pose sweet and savory flavors that make oral sex a more pleasurable time.

No matter what your preference is, these brands are sure to provide maximized sensations and pleasure with their highly rated reviews. Trying one of these brands or flavors is undoubtedly a great way to heat things up between you and your partner, and it also provides a fun and memorable intimate experience.

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