Most Bizzare or Extreme Condom Flavors

Do you love trying out flavored condoms, but lack the excitement and thrill in the bedroom? Feeling sexually adventurous, but don’t know where to start? These extremely bizarre and uniquely flavored condoms are great for engaging in a different bedroom experience, with a variety of weird, strange, yet sometimes tasty flavors that will heighten pleasure and add some oomph to your sex life.

Some are sweet and tasty, while others may leave you questioning their flavor. Many flavored condoms come in the typical flavors that are light, simple, and often ordinary, which is why I’ve compiled a list of those that are far from traditional. Here is a list of some of the more unique flavored condoms that are extreme, bizarre, and sometimes ridiculous.

1. Blowdom – Cannabis inspired condoms

blowdom wrapperThe Blowdom is a condom that tastes like cannabis and will make her feel as though she is getting high while she goes low. Cannabis culture is alive and well in this natural rubber latex condom that postures a marijuana leaf design geared toward marijuana enthusiasts.

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Unlike other novelty condoms, the Blowdom is actually safe to use as a contraceptive. There are some novelty items that you would not want to use in sexual situations for fear of them failing, but the Blowdom is made to meet the highest standards possible, which means you can use it with total peace of mind.

You get two Blowdoms in a single pack, so be ready to make a real night of it if your partner has cravings for the magical herb.

It should be noted that your partner will not get high off of the Blowdom, no matter how hard he or she goes to work on it. What they will get is a product that tastes like the real thing, thanks in large to a patented compound used on the rubber, and a penis that will look like the world’s biggest blunt.

The Blowdom is colored a lovely shade of green to give off that authentic weed look, and it’s up to you to fill it in a way that makes it look totally smokeable.

Each of the condoms measure 160mm in length and have a width of 52mm (average width), which means that most guys will be able to put it on comfortably. As mentioned earlier, the Blowdom has passed stringent testing that ensures it can be safely used as a contraceptive device and not just as a means to get your stoner partner to smoke some pole.

The condom is pre-lubricated, which means it’s also comfortable for your partner should you decide to take it to places other than the mouth.

The Blowdom is a fun little product that also works really well as a genuine contraceptive option. They are affordable, and with two in a pack you get some real bang for your buck. If you and your partner are fans of cannabis, then we think this would make a great addition to your bedside table.

Its contoured shape and reservoir tip will give a comfortable fit and the pre-vulcanised latex is great for a realistic experience that heightens sensitivity. While certainly a unique product, Blowdom will get you feeling high off of pleasure.

However, we do suggest that you take your partner’s word for the authenticity of the flavor. Trying to find out on your own could lead to all sorts of potential backfire. Have fun, and smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.

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2. Garlic Condom

garlic condomNot looking for a flavored condom that’s traditionally sweet and sexy? Garlic Condoms provide a unique spin on flavored condoms by offering something that’s – well – pretty stinky. Maybe you like the smell and taste of garlic permeating your bedroom rendezvous, or you’re feeling like trying something completely out there.

Whatever the reason, Garlic Condoms will certainly leave a forgettable imprint – and stench – on your experience.

3. Whisky Condoms

whiskey condomYearning for that whisky flavor without the whisky dick phenomenon? These Whisky Condoms give a whole new meaning to the unfortunate instance that happens when one, well, drinks too much liquor.

Whisky-flavored condoms are an option for all you whisky lovers, whether you desire the sexy stench of whisky liquor or you want to do more than just sip a glass on the couch. The smell of it alone can add a sultry mood setting to your lovemaking.

4. Banana Split Condoms

banana split condomWho wouldn’t want the taste of a banana split mid intercourse? It’s sweet, it’s delicious, and it’s the perfect dessert for your one-on-one time.

Banana Split Condoms are offered by ONE Flavor Waves Condoms, who produce a variety of these unique flavors that are tasty and will hit that sweet spot, in more ways than one. The Banana Split Condom definitely provides an interesting take on dessert sex. These condoms will have you yearning for an actual banana split once you’re done doing the deed.

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5. Bubblegum Condoms

bubblegum condomWant that bubblegum flavor without the added danger of actually chewing gum while you’re going at it with your partner?

Bubblegum flavored condoms are yummy, and add a sweet innocence to your lovemaking for a more pleasurable and fun experience.

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6. Mint Chocolate Condom

mint chocolate condomYet another delectable flavor, Mint Chocolate Condoms provide a fun, dessert flavor that will appease your sexual appetite while offering a delicious taste.

Soft, smooth, and tasty, ONE Flavor Waves does not disappoint with their quality condoms and continual unique flavors that are great for those with an insatiable appetite for all things sweet and sexy. It will leave you feeling minty fresh and satisfied.

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7. Tropical Fruit Flavor Condoms: Lychee & Durian

durian condomYou don’t need to be on an island to enjoy the sweet tropical fruit taste that these condoms employ. These Tropical Fruit Flavor Condoms embody all things fruity and sexy, so give it a go and let it make you feel like you’re in paradise through its zesty taste and amazing, pleasurable feel.

These tropical flavors are offered by Simplex condom brand and some of the most interesting flavors include mango, lycoree and Durian.

8. Aloe Vera Flavored Condoms

moods aloeveraAdd some natural, unique fun to your lovemaking. Lubricated with aloe vera and made of natural rubber latex, this condom will feel great on your skin with its wonderfully soothing properties.

It’s a great mix to enhance pleasure with that soft, gentle feel that you know won’t irritate or harm your skin.

9. Bacon Flavor Condoms

bacon condomsBacon flavored and meat-shaped condoms? Bacon Condoms is designed for all bacon lovers who just want that delicious meaty taste to make things more exciting in the bedroom. Made with the highest quality latex, you’ll have such a good time tasting that fatty flavor that you may forget you are actually having sex.

The bacon odor and flavor comes from the lube, with a soft and smooth texture that provides a pleasurable experience.

10. Coffee Flavor Condoms

manforce coffee condomCoffee lovers rejoice! These coffee-flavored condoms provide that rich, coffee flavor within its natural rubber latex and pink colored lubricated design. Its reservoir tip gives a comfortable and safe fit, and it’s a great way to get your coffee fix without going into caffeine overdrive.

No need to make a cup of coffee to prepare for sex; just dive right in and enjoy the rich flavor. These Coffee Flavor Condoms will have you feeling a different kind of buzz by the end of it.

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No matter what your preference is for flavored condoms, it definitely might be worth it to try some of these unique, bizarre flavors to spice up your sex life. There is nothing quite like combining intensity in flavor with intensity in the bedroom.

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