Polyisoprene Condoms

Men who develop some kind of an allergic reaction to latex condoms are going to benefit much from using the polyisoprene variant. This condom is the most popular latex condom alternative in the market today. Polyisoprene can be simply described as synthetic latex. Therefore, you can expect that it will look, feel, and function in the same way. Most of the properties of polyisporene condoms are very similar to the natural latex condoms, but without the proteins that causes allergic reactions.

What are Polyisoprene Condoms Made of?

lifestlyesskynComparing polyisporene with natural latex, the latter proves to be stretcher, softer, and feels more natural. In many instances, users say that they are a notch better than latex condoms. So whether it is you or it’s your partner that is allergic to latex, the switch to polyisporene condom is highly recommended. On the other hand, couples who want to explore their other options as far as condoms are concerned are most welcome to try this kind too.
Polyisoprene is currently one of the more popular non-latex condom alternatives. Many men prefer to use it because it provides better sensations and are relatively cheaper than the ones made from latex. This condom is also recommended for those who want to experience a feel. The sensations are definitely different to what a latex condom can provide.

The Pros of Polyisoprene Condoms

If latex is derived from natural rubber, polyisoprene is synthetically manufactured. As such, all the possible allergen contents of rubber are removed – only its very essence is retained. That is the main reason why polyisoprene is the best alternative to latex.
Polyisporene condoms are duly approved by the FDA as effective against the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Furthermore, most men say that they tend to fit better than any latex brand, making them the most ideal choice altogether.

The Cons of Polyisoprene Condoms

lifestyles skin condomPolyisoprene is rather new, as it is only introduced in 2008. It became popular when Lifestyles Skyn condoms were introduced in the market, followed by Durex Avanti Bare. However, those who would like to use these condom brands are strongly advised to always read the label, especially if you’re a first-time user. Polyisporene condoms are those kinds of condoms with which oil-based lubricants can’t be used.

The thickness of Polyisoprene condoms can be an issue to some as well. When latex condoms can go as thin as 0.04mm, polyisoprene stops at 0.06mm. This is the only disadvantage of polyisoprene when compared to natural latex. But many users are ready for the trade off, especially if it means they are not going to get the dreaded allergic reactions to using it.

Lifestyles SKYN Size

With the lenth of 7.50″ (190 mm) and a width of 2.09″ (53 mm) Lifestyles SKYN will fit most men as this is a typical size of a regular sized condom.

Where to get it

Lifestyles SKYN can be bought from our favorite online vendor for as low as $0.74 per condom. To save even more use coupon code UNDERCOVER and get $5 off a $30+ order.

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