Things You Should Never Do With a Condom Before, During, and After Sex

Condoms are absolutely wonderful contraptions. Who would think that a simple piece of latex could almost eliminate the chance of getting somebody pregnant or either party contracting a sexually transmitted disease?

It is great! However, condoms are only as fantastic as the user. If you do not use these babies properly, you will get none of the benefits. In fact, there would be absolutely no need to wear the condom (and obviously you want to wear that condom!).

On this page, we are going to take a look at the things that you should avoid doing with a condom (we don’t mean avoid blowing it up like a balloon, that is fun. However, you need to make sure that it is not full at that time… that could get quite messy!)

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Don’t Use The Condom If It Is Damaged

condom dos and donts
If you are going to use a condom, make sure you check it for damage first. The vast majority of people will open up the packet with their teeth. To be perfectly honest, it is not all that sexy to do that, but some of those packets are pretty tough to get into.

Others will open them up with very sharp fingernails. In either case, you are going to want to check for damage to the condom. Even the smallest of holes could instantly eliminate any chance that you have of that condom working.

You will probably be surprised to know that about 75% of people do not check the condom for damage before using it! [1] You have to be sensible. Seriously!

Check If It Hasn’t Expired

Would you eat bread that has expired? And, yes, I mean more than a few days past its expiration date. Of course you wouldn’t! This is another big no-no when it comes to condoms. If a condom has expired, you should not use it as it is no longer effective. Condoms with spermicide on them will last for about two years, while condoms without spermicide will last for roughly five years. [2]

Watch Where You Keep It

And don’t even think about keeping that condom in your pocket in the hopes that you’ll “get lucky” at a moment’s notice. Body heat could weaken the condom. If the condom is really weak, it is not going to work.

When you pull the condom out of your pocket, you can tell that it is weak because it will be sticky and incredibly brittle [3]. If this is the case, then the best place for that condom is the garbage can.

Further, do not avoid talking to your partner about condom usage. Many people have sex on a whim. They get caught up in the heat of the moment, and it is easy to forget to use a condom when that happens. But if both of you talk about condom usage beforehand, then there is a good chance that at least one person will remember to use it.

This will, of course, mean that you are going to be protected. In addition, discussing condom usage beforehand means that you will actually practice putting the condom on. Sure, putting a condom on is not all that difficult.

Use It From The Start

However, people can slip up a little and apply it incorrectly.

There are also many people who decide to put a condom on after penetration (obviously, they remove the penis before they put the condom on; things would get a little bit complex otherwise).

However, this may be too late. A small amount of sperm may have come out of the penis already. You certainly will not have been protected against the risk of sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy.

Thus, it is really important that you learn how to properly put on a condom before you get wrapped up in the heat of the moment. Being inside of the vagina for even a few seconds could completely invalidate the use of that condom.

Apply It Correctly

Remember, the condom is not meant to be pulled all the way down over the penis. There is a reason for the space at the top of the condom—it catches the sperm. If you pull the condom too tight, the sperm may leak down the side of the penis.

If this occurs, there is a fairly decent chance that it may end up in the vagina. Perhaps the best way to prevent this situation from happening is to pinch the top of the condom as you place it on the penis. A light pinch is all you need as you do not want to tear a hole in it. This should, hopefully, leave a decent amount of space at the top.

If you put the condom on wrong, grab a new one. Don’t worry. Many men put condoms on wrong from time to time. However, it is absolutely vital that you do not use the same condom that you failed with.

There is a good chance that there may be minute tears in it, and those tears are going to allow sperm and the like to escape out of that condom and enter the woman’s vagina. This is, obviously, not something that you are going to want.

Use The Proper Lube

Try to avoid using certain things with the condom, too, such as oil-based lubricants which can cause the condom to split upon mere contact. It is important that you use good water-based or silicone-based lubricants instead.

Use The Right Condom Size

If the condom is constantly slipping off during sex, stop sex immediately. This condom is not going to be providing you with the necessary amount of protection. You need to avoid this in the future.

This means working out which size and style of condom is right for your penis. There are plenty of different types out there for you to check out. Yes, it is going to take a little bit of effort to find the right condom for your penis. However, doing so is going to take far less effort than raising a child, trust me on that one.

After Sex

After sex, make sure you remove the condom properly. If all goes as planned, that condom is going to be filled up with active semen. If it isn’t, then there is most likely a tear in the condom.

However, we are going to assume that it is full. Now, this sperm still wants to get inside of the woman. You can’t let it.

You are going to want to pull out. After doing so, move a few meters away and take off the condom. Make sure you keep everything inside of the condom. Don’t let it spill anywhere.

You do not want any of that mess near the lady. Put the condom in the garbage can afterwards. Do not flush it down the toilet as this can cause havoc on your system, and you really do not want to call a plumber to fix it!

Remember, this is just a brief guide to the things that you really should avoid doing with your condom. Bear these tips in mind and you can be sure that your condom is going to work fairly well, most of the time at least!



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