6 Funniest Condom Wrappers That You Can Buy

Most of us buy condoms to arm ourselves with protection for when things start to get hot and heavy. Buying condoms is usually just an ordinary ordeal, and hardly requires any thought, but with these funny and clever condom wrapper designs you can spice things up by bringing some humor into the bedroom.

Whether you’re buying them as humorous stocking stuffers, funny gag gifts, or just for giggles, these condom wrapper assortments are witty and worth the buy. Here are some of the funniest condom wrappers you can get that will for sure put a grin on your partner’s face, and maybe even get you laid.

I Will Not Be Your Father Condom

star wars condom
The I Will Not Be Your Father condom wrapper is a humorous take on the infamous Star Wars quote that makes for a laughable stocking stuffer. Even if you’re not a Star Wars fan, the premise is pretty much adaptable to this situation in general, and you can appreciate the wittiness of it all. I mean, that’s the whole point of using a condom after all, so you might as well buy a condom wrapper that’s clear about that.

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Netfl!x and Chill Condom

netflix chillNetflix and Chill? Gear up ladies and fellas, this condom wrapper is taking the meaning to the next level. Say It With A Condom’s condom wrapper design makes full use of that cheesy, attempting-to-be-subtle-but-not-so-subtle pick up line that pervades every guy’s vocabulary who is trying to get laid while binge watching House of Cards on Netflix. No longer is the saying only limited to witty internet memes, but it now lives on in this hysterical condom wrapper. This is a great gag gift for anyone looking to join in on the fun. You can pull it out during those Netflix binges with your partner for added hilarity, it’s only to be expected right?

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Trump Condoms – I’m Huuuuge!

trump condomYou can write a book of hilariously ridiculous Donald Trump quotes, what’s the fun of him if you can’t make fun of him, right? These condom wrappers are a hysterical take on Trumps’ general hilarity and affinity for inappropriate comments, such as the one about his not-so-little member. Unlike Donald Trump, though, these condoms are pretty standard sized. This condom works as a great wall to protect you against unwanted STDs and pregnancies. You can’t beat the humor of it though, although whipping out this condom when things are getting heated may ruin the sexy mood.

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Thin As A Politican’s Promise Condom

this as promise
With the upcoming presidential election, what better way to ease the uncomfortable tension than poking fun at political candidates with these funny condoms. These condoms probably make for a more enjoyable time than politicians anyway. At least in this case, being thin is actually a pretty great attribute. The elections don’t have to be tense for all of us, this makes the perfect liberal gift for your political pals. You can purchase this one and other politically savvy condoms at politicalcondoms.com.

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Don’t Debate Wrap Your Candidate Condom

don't debateAnother presidential take on humorous condom wrappings, here’s to comparing your penis to your presidential candidate. After all, when it comes to condoms there really shouldn’t be a debate at all when it comes to using one, make sure you wrap that candidate up!

Buy this condom as a gift to your politic-loving partner to help ease the tension of those uncomfortable presidential candidate debates. Condoms are the one sure thing to protect you from this election.

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Nice, Naughty, Very Naughty Christmas Condom

nice naughtyLooking for a holiday rendition of your favorite funny condom wrapper? Here’s a great stocking stuffer that is sure to put a smile on your lover’s face. Say It With A Condom offers these holiday condom assortments that are super thin, durable, and clever. Are you going to be naughty or nice the next holiday season?

Nothing screams sexy Santa Claus like opening up one of these under the Christmas tree.

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