How to Persuade your Partner to Use Condom

In today’s world, unprotected sex is taboo. With the different birth control methods easily available over-the-counter, there is really no reason why couple should choose to be exposed to the harms of sexually transmitted disease and unwanted pregnancies than being fully shielded from their ill effects. However, many women feel powerless over their partners if they decide not to use condom during intercourse. But as with any problem, a solution to this one can be as easy as piece of cake.

Communication is the key. Ask your partner lovingly why he doesn’t want to use a condom as a birth control method. When he comes up with an answer, be sure to have a matching response to it – a response that would make him think otherwise. Your partner definitely knows the dangers of unprotected sex, STD and all. Lecturing him about it won’t solve the issue. What you should do instead is to use the right word to express exactly how you feel about the situation. That is how you can tap into his emotions and maybe cause him to reconsider his position.

It is also important that you find an alternative or a solution to his issues. If your partner thinks that the use of condom decreases the sensations, get him the ribbed variants. Or better yet, try to be more creative with the whole act of putting the condom on. Get your partner so excited that he’d want you to get to the part where you’re making him wear the condom. Make up for the lost sensations with lots of excitement.

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Condoms are one of the easiest, safest, and most effective birth control methods available today. Using it is mandatory, whether or not you’re also on other methods like pills and IUD’s. Encourage your partner to make it a habit to wear a condom if only to give both of you full peace of mind while enjoying endless pleasure in each other’s company.

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