Durex Jeans: Condom Which Fits Your Pocket Perfectly

What better way to protect yourself from STDs and unwanted pregnancies than to sheath your sword every time you do the deed? With condoms that are ultra-thin, you won’t even notice that you’re covered rather than bareback.

durex jeansBut thin doesn’t always mean slim and inconspicuous enough to be placed in your back pocket. With the Durex Jeans, however, you can place a pair of condoms in your denim’s back pocket, and no one will ever know.

This new product from the trusted manufacturer of condoms may seem misleading. You may have actually thought they were introducing into the market a condom made of denim. Well, you’re not the only one.

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The idea behind this, however, has little to do with the material used, but more on making sex safe and normal. According to the director of marketing at Reckitt Benckiser India, Rohit Jindal, “The whole concept is, ‘I don’t leave my house without my pair of Jeans,” which translates to you not leaving your house without a condom, whether you expect to get some or not.

It is marketed on the fact that people these days are more sexually active than ever. Its target market is the digital savvy and upwardly mobile population that uses online dating sites and hooks up with ease. The importance of being ready to “get some” at any time is more crucial than ever. Thus, so is the need for a condom to be readily available.


The Durex Jeans condom package is made thin so it can be hidden in plain sight. Its quality and level of protection, however, is as reliable as any Durex condom. Like denim, it is also packed in pairs but will remain as inconspicuous as ever.

Jindal described the packet as so slim that it “disappears in your jeans pocket.” No need to be wary about bringing a condom with you and getting caught, which often sends a negative message to the person you’re with.

It is also packaged in a design and color similar to a pair of jeans, so anyone who sees it would not readily guess that it’s a condom. There are no intimate pictures on the packet, either.

Like denim, Durex promises that this condom is also comfortable to use. Does comfort even count when using condoms? To the one using it, comfort should weigh just as much as functionality. But to determine if this condom would be comfortable for you we have to first look at its size.

Durex Jeans Condom Size

When it comes to size, Durex Jeans caters to guys with an average sized penis. Its width is around 53mm and length 180mm. You can check here which other condoms have the same or similar size.

If you usually use smaller or larger condoms, then Durex Jeans is probably not the right choice for you!

To Wrap Things Up

Durex wants to make carrying condoms a normal way of life rather than a taboo. It may be awhile before anyone talks openly about the contraceptive, but there’s no reason to be embarrassed about it or not to have safe and healthy sex.

In India, where the condom industry is moving at a snail’s pace, Durex Jeans is trying to to make an edge and to spread awareness. Jindal also wants to make it possible to “sell it like candies.” He sees a future where condoms are sold in a jar placed on a retail counter, rather than hidden away.

Ready to put on those denim condoms? As one of the company ads go, “A pair of Jeans, you cannot do without #DurexJeans.”

You can order Durex Jeans condoms on Amazon.com or Amazon.in.

Note: seems these condoms are currently unavailable. Shop other Durex condoms at this page

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