How Long Can Condoms Last in A Car?

Cars have a special place in the life of modern men. They are especially popular for traveling long distances in nations like the US. They are mostly a necessity- an essential transport item. Some people need to spend a significant number of times each day in a car.

Therefore, no surprise people keep so many personal belongings in cars. They may keep things in a car boot, gloves box, rear deck (space behind the rear seat), and even on the car seats. In most cases, cars are filled with many small items, and some of them must not be there.

Can Condoms Last in A Car?

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Many people just find keeping a few small items in the car convenient. This way, they cannot forget those things at home, especially when they are needed most. Condoms are an essential item; some people may keep them in a car, though it is definitely not the best place to store condoms.

If you would ask specialists, they would always say not to store things in cars, including condoms. However, that is a kind of disclaimer from car manufacturers and other specialists. In practice, people just find it convenient to keep some things in cars.

So how long can condoms last in a car?

There is no perfect answer to this question. It would depend on so many factors. However, the most important factor is the environmental temperature, which is affected by your place of living. Additionally, it may also depend on the season.

Thus, for example, during the cool season when temperatures are not very high, and if a car is mostly parked in the shade, then condoms may last quite long, even for a few months.

However, they would readily get spoiled at higher temperatures like those in the tropic and sub-tropics. The car generally becomes heated, and the temperature in the car may be much higher than outside.

Thus, if it is 40 degrees Celsius or 104 Fahrenheit outside, then it may be almost boiling point inside the car. Additionally, car cabin tends to be moister. This may spoil condoms in minutes in some instances.

Of course, it may remain in more or less good condition for a few days if stored in a car boot or gloves box due to better insulation. Nevertheless, condoms in cars would not last long in hot climatic zones.

Minnesota Department of Health says that condoms generally degrade pretty quickly at temperatures above 104 Fahrenheit.

However, there could be similar kinds of issues in extreme colds. For example, if it is freezing in winter, that is not good for condoms.

Can Condoms Last in A Car?

If condoms get frozen, they might become brittle. Moreover, temperatures in parts of the US and other nations like Canada may go quite low. Those temperatures can readily cause damage to the condoms.

In many such cases, thermal damage to the condoms might not be visible. However, thermal damage makes them less elastic. Storing condoms in inappropriate temperatures degrade them. Thus, there is a significantly higher risk that such a condom may break during sex.

Additionally, much would also depend on what surface condoms were kept. If the condoms were in touch with metallic surfaces or direct sunlight, it would not take long to degrade. In such cases, keeping condoms in a car for a few minutes may make them unusable.

However, if the outside temperate is below 40 degrees Celsius/104 Fahrenheit or not freezing, the condoms are stored in the glove box, then they might remain good for use for a few days.

Another factor that may influence shelf life is if condoms are stored in a carton or not. Condoms are generally packed in aluminum foil and then in a carton box. Aluminum foil is an excellent heat conductor, but not a carton.

It means that if the condoms box was not opened, and they were stored in a carton box, away from sunlight in a car, and temperatures were not very extreme, it is pretty likely that they might remain usable for several weeks or even months. So, yes, things in practice differ and depend on too many factors.

But wait, does it mean that if you are traveling or going on a date in a car, you should not keep condoms in a vehicle? Well, the above discussion was purely regarding storage and not transportation.

If you are traveling, chances are real that the inside car temperature would be maintained. Even in such cases, store condoms away from direct sunlight, either in a glove box or in a bag. Condoms may get spoilt even if you take a short break and outside temperatures are high.

However, if condoms are stored in a bag or well-insulated, then they would not be spoiled due to short breaks when traveling. As bags are generally well insulated.

Additionally, it is worth noticing that storing condoms in a bag is better than in a wallet. As in the wallet, there is always a risk of physical damage to the condoms. A wallet may cause the packing to break, thus rendering condoms unusable.

The bottom line

Can Condoms Last in A Car?

Undoubtedly, a car is not the best place to store condoms. In most instances, condoms would not last long. They might be spoilt or degrade in minutes during extreme heat. In most cases, a few hours to a few days might cause much damage, thus making condoms unfit for use. The problem is not just high temperatures; extremely low temperatures can also harm condoms.

However, things may be a bit better during relatively moderate temperatures and when condoms are stored in a glove box. Similarly, condoms may last longer if stored in a bag and away from sunlight.

The primary reason for damage to the condoms is extreme temperature fluctuations in the car. It may take a very short time for a car to become extremely hot; similarly, at night times, car saloons may become very cold.

Of course, if you are traveling, you can carry condoms with you. However, even in such instances, better store condoms in a bag. Even short breaks when traveling may result in a significant temperature fluctuation in car saloons.

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