Using Condoms With Lubricants

If you are having sex without lubricants then you seriously need to reconsider that train of thought. When you are having sex, you want to aim to get your partner as ‘wet’ as possible. This will ensure that sex is always pleasurable and never painful. You may think that you are always able to get your partner wet enough for sex, although did you know that this can change considerably depending on mood at the current time? Certain things have been known to decrease wetness; this includes stress, medication and birth-control pills. In my honest opinion, you should always use lubricant with your condoms. However, how do you use it? Let me explain.

You will be able to pick up lubrication made from a variety of different chemicals. This includes water, oil, petroleum and silicone. If you are using condoms, then you obviously want to have the safest sex possible. You will therefore want to use water-based lubricants; it should say so on the packet. You certainly want to steer well clear of oil based lubricants or even petroleum based lubricants. This is because they are known to decrease the effectiveness of the condom, in fact, it deteriorates it, so you would probably just be better off without wearing a condom. You will want to steer clear of silicone based lubricants because they aren’t water soluble. Whilst they are safe to use with a condom, you will find it difficult to wash away, which means that if you get an infection, it could stick around for a long time to come, not very pleasant right? You will also find that water based lubricants will not stain your sheets.

If you are normally prone to yeast infections, you will want to find a lubricant that does not have glycerine included. This is because it is known to feed the yeast, which in turn makes the yeast infection that much worse. In fact, you should always steer well clear of glycerine inclusive lubricants ‘just in case’.

sLiquid LubricantSo now that you have your lubricant and are ready to take your sex to the next level, how exactly do you use it? Well, keep your pot always handy by the side of your bed. When you are pretty close to action, and that condom is on, you can grab a small amount (about the size of a coin) and rub it all all over the penis. This will ensure that he is well lubricated.
If during sex you find that you are getting a little dry, then you can always add a touch more lubricant to enhance the pleasurable feeling. This will have absolutely no ‘ill effect’ on the condom, and it is perfectly safe to do this! Don’t overdo it though, too much will actually cause too much friction, which can of course be incredibly painful.

You may see various condoms on the market which claim to have lubricant included. You can use these, but generally it is always best to have a pot of lubricant to the side, this ensures that you will never dry out to the point where sex becomes painful.

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