Play Safe With Playboy Condoms

As is the case with any product, there are always multiple brands competing for market share. Be it the toothpaste industry, health industry or even the clothing industry, the presence of umpteen sellers provides the consumers the power of choice and the ability to pick the best. This is the case, as expected in the segment of condoms too! From Trojan, to Durex, there are many brands competing for market share.

Playboy condoms is one such market player which offers a variety of selection in terms of product range. Playboy, having had its birth and success in the adult entertainment industry, aims at grabbing market share in the lucrative business of condoms by the means of its product offerings. The brand sells essentially four labels of condoms, which are mentioned as follows:

playboy large
Large Size Category: These condoms are for those individuals who are on the lookout for large sized condoms which help in better fit. The condoms provided by Playboy in this category consists of a girth size that is slightly larger at 56 millimeters. The condoms are made from latex as is prevalent in the industry in this day and age.
The condoms are also lubricated and have a reservoir tip for comfort. The head end is also wider as compared to a normal condom, thus aiming to provide the consumer with enhanced comfort upon usage.

playboy ribbed condomsEnhanced Pleasure: This category offered by playboy condoms falls under the market of textured condoms. The condom’s outer surface comprises of elevated studs which aims at improving the pleasure factor for the partner.
This set of condoms also contain a rounded tip for comfort upon wearing the same. The material of manufacture continues to be that of latex and the condoms in this offering are lubricated to minimize discomfort to the partner.

playboy ultra thin
Ultra-Sensitive: This set of condoms has been designed by Playboy’s team keeping in mind the desire of the wearer to experience the pleasure in its natural form. Individuals often complain of how condoms act as a hindrance upon wearing and thus shun away from its usage.
This set of condoms employs ultra-thin construction to enhance the natural feel. The condom is manufactured by latex and is also lubricated with premium Silicone. It also contains the reservoir tip and the rounded tip. The width of the condom stays at 54 mm which is of an average size.

playboy regular condomsLubricated Classic: This is the conventional condom offered by Playboy. It is lubricated with premium silicone to reduce wearer and partner discomfort. It is 180 millimeter long and has a width of 54 millimeters.
It has a reservoir tip and a rounded tip just like the other condoms being offered by Playboy. As the name suggests, this particular product offered from the house of Playboy is primarily a lubricated conventional latex condom of standard dimensions. It is also electronically tested for safety.

The above listed covers the product offering of Playboy. Interested customers can find these condoms at the best prices online or among a wide distributor network across the globe.

UPDATE: We received several negative reviews of these condoms so watch out (check out the comments below for more info)! Have you tried Playboy condoms? Please leave us your review.


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