Play Safe With Playboy Condoms

The History of Playboy Condoms

As far as sexual icons go, there are few symbols more recognizable than the bunny ears that have long been the trademark of Playboy.

Playboy_bunny_logoWhat started out as a magazine created by Hugh Hefner has now become a global empire, with those bunny ears showing up on a wide variety of different products, from shot glasses to car seat covers.

Since Playboy are considered a major player in the global sexual revolution, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that many of their branded products are meant for use in the bedroom, or wherever you like to have some fun with your partner.

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Most people are now a whole lot more serious about being safe when they have sex, which is why the
demand for condoms is on the rise.

Following this growing need Playboy Condoms brand was born, with the first batch coming off the production line back in 2010. A lot of people might ask “what took Playboy so long to make condoms”?

Well they needed to come up with a quality and consistency that could be associated with the brand. In fact, the new state of the art factory was years in the making.

By the time 2015 rolled around, it was possible to find Playboy condoms on the shelves of pharmacies and stores in no less than 127 different countries. That’s an incredible achievement in such a short time and is a testament to just how powerful that bunny ears logo really is.

Materials & Certification

Playboy condoms are made from a premium natural latex sourced in Thailand, which is odorless and flavorless. They are manufactured in the Thai Nippon Rubber Industry facility and exceed all international quality standards.

Each condom is 100% electronically tested and carries an ISO 10993 mark which guarantees bio-compatibility. All Playboy condoms are lubricated with a premium quality silicone lubricant.

Selection & Playboy Condoms Sizes

As it stands right now, there are 4 7 different varieties of Playboy condoms on the market, giving you the opportunity to spice things up a little.

Rumor has it by end 2018 they will have 7 new styles launched in USA. I asked for details but its confidential as it stands.

Update: Playboy condoms launched 3 new condoms and I’ve updated the list below.

    Classic Playboy Condoms

    playboy classicThe Classic Playboy Condoms are the regular model that comes with a nice blend of quality latex and lubrication.
    Regular sized, straight shape, and a reservoir tip.

    Width: 54mm

    Studded Pleasure

    studded pleasureIf you are looking for something a little more exotic, you may prefer the Studded Pleasure condoms. The latex in this product comes with ribs and dots along the shaft to provide your partner with some real pleasure, and they also have a superior silicone lubrication.

    Note that these condoms are slightly narrower than others in their selection. The size still falls within the dimensions of regular sized condoms but will feel slightly tighter in comparison to others.

    Width: 52mm


    ultra thinThe Ultra-Thin Playboy condoms are self-explanatory and are perfect for men who complain about a lack of sensation when using a rubber.

    Width: 54mm

    Playboy Long Play (New)

    playboy long play With added climax-delay lubricant these condoms will be perfect for those that want to last a bit longer.
    Other that they have a classic straight shape, a reservoir tip and a regular size.

    Width: 53mm

    PLAYBOY Pleasure Seeker (New)

    pleasure seekerThese condoms are ribbed and have a flared shape which means there is some extra headroom.

    The shaft of the condom is ribbed and they feature a light mint scent. They are described as extra safe so I imagine they are also a bit thicker than other condoms on the list.

    Width: 53mm

    Extra Large Condom

    Some guys are built a little bigger than most, and they will certainly be more comfortable in the Playboy Extra Large condoms.

    Width: 56mm

    PLAYBOY Well Hung (New)

    playboy well hungWith a width of 60mm these condom should be perfect for those with penis girth bigger than 5.6 inches.

    Width: 60mm

    As much as we’d like to see few more options (eg. a snugger fit version), these four seven will satisfy majority of consumers. Having a couple of their regular sized condoms in your bedside drawer may be your best approach if you have an averagely sized circumference.

    For those with a penis girth between 5.2” and 5.6” the XXL condom is obviously a way to go.

    The Well Hung condom will satisfy those with an even bigger package.


Despite the success of their products on a worldwide scale, there were some complaints from consumers that the condoms being sold were perhaps not as good as they could be.

Few readers reported a negative experience with Playboy condoms so I pressed the brand representative for answers.

Seems all negative experiences came from an old batch dated from 2010. The company handling the distribution within the US at the time didn’t follow the recommended guidelines when it comes to storing and distributing a sensitive piece of equipment like condoms.

To combat this Playboy condoms took charge of the distribution channel within the US. In the meantime, they also created a new state of the art facility where all their products are now manufactured.

All in all, it seems that Playboy condoms step up their game and I’m interested to see how will the consumers welcome and experience these changes.

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