LifeStyles SKYN Condoms: Selection, Features and Sizes

When shopping around for condoms, you want to find a brand that has a well-established history of delivering the highest-quality condoms that guarantee the ultimate protection against unwanted pregnancies and Sexually transmitted diseases. LifeStyles SKYN does this, and so much more!

Having come from humble beginnings in Richmond, Australia well over a century ago, LifeStyles Condoms is now one of the world’s leading names in the international sexual health sector.

LifeStyles condoms continues to expand its offerings worldwide, with an ever-growing range of quality, unique products that make practicing safe sex not only the smart thing to do but also the fun thing to do.

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SKYN condoms is one of these innovative brands, manufactured without latex, instead of using the revolutionary synthetic material polyisoprene, offering welcomed relief for both men and woman that suffer from latex allergies.


  • Non-Latex, Polyisoprene, SKYNFEEL™ condoms.
  • Provide the exact same sensitivity during sex as provided with thin latex condoms
  • Provides long-lasting lubrication
  • SKYNFEEL™ material used produces a condom that is ultra-soft, extremely flexible, and resilient to breakage.


As I just mentioned, SKYN condoms are produced using polyisoprene, a synthetic latex that provides almost identical strength and sensation to thin latex condoms, but without the risk of irritation suffered by those with latex allergies.

While it seems counterintuitive to use a synthetic latex to provide relief for those that suffer undue hardships due to sensitivity to latex, the reason it works is that most people with these allergies are not allergic to the actual latex, but to the plant proteins that contaminate it when harvesting latex from trees.

Polyisoprene is created in a contaminate free lab environment, and so is never contaminated, allowing for the production of condoms that offer almost identical properties as their latex counterparts, but without causing discomfort to those with allergies.

To be extra-precautious, SKYN condoms are manufactured in a completely different factory to the one used to produce other latex condoms produced by Lifestyles.

SKYN condoms are superior to other polyisoprene condoms as they use this latex substitute in the manufacturing of a unique, scientifically advanced material called SKYNFEEL™.

This delivers a soft, comfortable fitting condom that is hardly noticeable but still offers all the flexibility, durability, and protection from pregnancy and STDs that you expect from ordinary condoms.

Lifestyles SKYN Sizes

Lifestyles SKYN offers an exciting selection of innovative condoms for you to choose from, each promising an exceptional experience for both you and your partner. Below you can have a quick look at the various options available to you in the Lifestyles SKYN condom range and their sizes.


    skyn The SKYN Original condom is the standard offering in the SKYNFEEL™ latex-free range, with the standard straight shape and reservoir end design.

    This fantastic condom delivers a sensually soft and considerably comfortable experience for both partners thanks to its long-lasting and ultra-smooth lubrication.
    Width: 53mm
    Length: 190mm
    Thickness: = 0.07mm


    skyn eliteWith SKYN Elite condoms, you can practice safe sex without losing any the intensity you get from skin-to-skin contact.

    This is achieved through a 20% reduction in condom thickness when compared to the SKYN Original condom. Despite this, the Elite condom still delivers the strength and protection of thicker condoms.
    Width: 53mm
    Length: 190mm
    Thickness = 0.063mm


    skyn intense Previously known as the SKYN Intense Feel, the SKYN Extra Studded condom delivers an exhilarating sexual experience for both you and her.

    The wave-like positioning of the deep studs delivers an intense stimulation to the sensual areas that matter most to her, while you enjoy the soft, natural, and comfortable experience that you are guaranteed when using SKYNFEEL™ condoms. Once you have used these condoms, you will never go back to using ordinary condoms again.
    Width: 53mm
    Length: 190mm
    Thickness = 0.07mm


    skyn extra lubricated When it comes to sex, the general rule is always the more lubrication the better. Using more lubricant during sex drastically reduces friction, and so ultimately increases your staying-power, and it reduces the chance of any discomfort for both you and your partner.

    The SKYN Extra Lubricated condom has 40% more sensually smooth, long-lasting lubricant than the other condoms in the SKYN range, making this condom a perfect choice for those of you that desire the extra level of comfort and enjoyment that accompanies increased lubrication.
    Width: 53mm
    Length: 190mm
    Thickness = 0.07mm


    skyn cocktail SKYN Cocktail Club is the first flavored non-latex condom. It’s inspired by famous cocktails and comes in three different flavors: Piña Colada, Passion Daiquiri and Cherry Sunrise.

    Besides the special flavor and scent, you can expect the same features (straight shape with a reservoir tip) and the same level of quality like other SKYN condoms on the list.
    Width: 53mm
    Length: 190mm


    skyn large
    For the more well-endowed gentleman, SKYN Large condoms ensures that you aren’t robbed of sensitivity, as can be the case with ill-fitting condoms restricting blood flow to your penis.

    Width: 56mm
    Length: 200mm
    Thickness = 0.07mm

As you can see SKYN comes in several variants, but one version is still missing! Hopefully they will also introduce a smaller version of this condom in the near future.

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