The Spray-on Condom

What do you think about when you hear the phrase “drive-thru car wash”?
Some envision a car entering a small compartment. Soft bristles surround the automobile and scrub the dirt away as high powered jets spray it with soapy water. The car moves forward as a blast of air begins to remove the soap, water, and debris from the vehicle.

Then there is Ian Vinzenz Krouse who apparently thinks of safe sex. You see, Vinzen Krouse is the inventor and creative mind behind the spray on condom…which he modeled after the drive-thru car wash. Some may find it bizarre to associate a drive-thru car wash with sexual activity, but it makes sense considering Krouse is a part of the Institute of Condom Consultancy (ICC).

You see, during his time with the ICC, Krouse traveled far and wide educating people on the importance of safe sex and condom usage. During his travels, he was exposed to the many challenges people faced when attempting to properly use a condom. Some found it incredibly difficult to correctly apply the condom. Others felt it wasn’t really successful in preventing unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted disease. Then there were those with unusually sized or shaped penises.

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Krouse listened intently and decided change was in order. He then created the spray on condom. With the spray on condom, a man would insert his erect penis into a spray contraption. He would push a button and the contraption would spray the entire length of the man’s penis with latex. The man would then remove his penis from the contraption and wait 2-3 minutes for the latex to dry. Once the latex was completely dried, sexual activity could be performed as usual.

The idea was sound. By spraying the penis with latex, the man could get a better fit. It would minimize the chances of the condom tearing or slipping off; and best of all, a man would get a condom that was perfectly fit for his penis.

Unfortunately the spray on condom never took off. In fact, many people were hesitant to even try it. They were concerned with inserting their penis into a strange contraption. This was further complicated by the fact that the machine emitted loud hissing noises. Then there was the fact that a man would have to wait 2-3 minutes after application in order to…well…use it. Finally, the spray on condom cost nearly 3 times more than what normal condoms would cost.

It was a great idea and innovation in condom manufacturing is surely welcomed. Hopefully someone will come in and work out the kinks in the idea. Until then, make sure to practice safe sex and use a non spray on condom. Follow this simple process to find your perfect condom or try custom fit condoms.

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