Trojan Magnum Condom Size: How Big Are Magnum Condoms?

Trojan Magnum, a renowned product of the Trojan brand, caters to the larger condom market with its premium quality and variety, ensuring comfort and safety for those requiring a bigger fit. Read on to learn more.

Trojan Condoms

trojan magnumWhen it comes to condom suppliers, there is no company out there better known than Trojan. Part of the reason for this is down to the popularity of the Trojan Magnum Condom, probably one of the most used condoms in United States.

Starting in 1920, the company has managed to stay at the top using a slightly different approach to the condom market than other well-known vendors.

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Whereas some condom manufacturers have dedicated themselves to producing one size condoms in various varieties and flavors, Trojan took one major opportunity and took control of the XL condom market. Although they also offer a wide range of regular size condoms, they are most well-known for their Trojan Magnum which almost became a synonym for a large condom.

That’s right; Trojan hit the market by storm by providing a range of condoms for those who need a larger size. As we already talked about, having the right condom to fit you is very essential when taking part in sexual intercourse.

This is something that was once a problem for those who could not fit in a regular sized condom. It is now a known fact that wearing a condom that is too small seriously increases the chance of a condom ripping and could potentially cause accidental pregnancy.

Trojan Magnum Size

So let’s see how exactly big are Trojan Magnum and Trojan Magnum XL. Below is a Trojan Magnum Size Chart with the most popular Trojan Magnum condoms.

CondomDescriptionSizeWhere to buy
Trojan MAGNUM Ecstasy
Trojan MAGNUM Ecstasy Condoms 12-Pack
Trojan Magnum Ecstasy features a comfort shape without a reservoir tip, it's textured for extra stimulation, and lubricated inside and out with a premium lubricant.Base width: 2.09"/53mm
Head width: 2.9"/73mm
Length: 8.3" /210mm
Trojan MAGNUM Lubricated Condoms 36-Pack
Popular Trojan Magnum Condom, tapered at the base for a secure fit, with a flared shape.Base width: 2.17" /55mm
Head width: 2.45" /62mm
Length: 7.9" /200mm
Trojan MAGNUM Thin
Trojan MAGNUM Thin Lubricated Condoms 36-Pack
Thinner version of Trojan Magnum with UltraSmooth lubricantBase width: 2.17" /55mm
Head width: 2.45" /62mm
Length: 7.9" /200mm
Trojan MAGNUM Fire and Ice Dual Lubricated
Trojan Magnum Fire & Ice Dual Lubricated Condoms 30-Pack
What makes this Trojan Magnum Condom different is not the size, but a
special warming and tingling lubricant mix (on both sides) that provides thrilling sensations for both partners!

Update: no longer available!
Base width: 2.13"/54mm
Head width: 2.45" /62mm
Length: 8.07"/205mm
Trojan MAGNUM Ribbed Lubricated
Trojan Magnum ribbed Lubricated Condoms 30-Pack
These Magnum condoms have special spiral ribbing on the base (for her) and on the tip (for him) for extra stimulation.Base width: 2.17" /55mm
Head width: 2.45" /62mm
Length: 7.9" /200mm
Trojan MAGNUM Bareskin Lubricated
Trojan Magnum Bareskin Lubricated Condoms 30-Pack
20% thinner than regular MAGNUM condoms for increased sensitivityBase width: 2.13" /57mm
Head width: 2.36" /60mm
Length: 8.3" /210mm
Trojan Magnum XL
Trojan Magnum XL Lubricated Condoms 36-Pack
Largest condom by Magnum, legendary Trojan Magnum XL.
Identical shape as regular Trojan Magnum, just bigger!
Base width: 2.3" /58mm
Head width: 2.48" /63mm
Length: 7.9" /200mm

To see how big Trojan Magnum condoms are in comparison to other regular or large condoms check out our condom size chart.

Who should use Trojan Magnum and Trojan Magnum XL

Most people will not need to use a Trojan Magnum. Don’t try to flatter yourself and get those large condoms if you do not actually need to use them. They are going to be too loose and, once again, you are going to be putting yourself at risk of a sexual disease or an unwanted pregnancy. Basically, if you have an average penis girth of somewhere between 4.7″ and 5.1″, just use normal condoms. It is going to be better for you in the long run.

Once you start slipping into the 5.2″+ territory, you will almost certainly want to start looking into using Trojan Magnum Condoms. If you have never used them before and have instead been stuck on standard-sized condoms, you are going to find that they are a great deal more comfortable.

If you are 5.5″ or over, which is not that common, then you will most likely find that the standard Trojan Magnum Condoms are still too small for you. In these cases, you will want to opt for Trojan Magnum XL condoms. These might fit you even better and lead to more comfortable sex.

If your girth is over 5.8″, not only are you incredibly well-endowed, but you are going to have to look elsewhere for a decent condom to wear. Luckily there are more than enough options, assuming you’re able to order condoms online. Check this post for some ideas. It will cost you some money to try out condoms, but once you have found the perfect one, sex is going to be so much more pleasurable and safe.

Final words

Trojan Magnum condoms are premium quality condoms, especially suitable for those looking for a slightly larger condom. All their condoms are electronically tested for reliability, and you can rest assure they follow the highest quality standards. You can find their products in almost all reputable stores, in the regular pharmacy sections, or online.

Most stores stock size ranges from regular all the way to the Trojan Magnum XL. These condoms come in a variety of different styles, so you should have no trouble finding something that is perfect for your own sexual needs.

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