Introducing Custom Fitted Condoms: TheyFit

Even with lots of “choices” on the market, researchers from multiple countries report that nearly 50% of men say their condom does not fit [1-4].

In one study, men who reported that their condoms did not fit had much higher rates of multiple problems including condom breakage and slippage, more difficulty for either partner to achieve orgasm, diminished pleasure for both partners, penile irritation, difficulty with or lost erection, early removal of condom, and condom drying out during sex. [5].

In this post I’ll introduce you to a revolutionary condom brand, which made the idea of condoms fitted to each individual a reality.

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theyfitTheyFit launched on December 7, 2011 and the media there went pretty wild – not least because the guy behind the headlines, condom revolutionary Joe Nelson, used to be a banker – in fact one newspaper explained that he’d gone “from banking to bonking” while another opined that “the banker had gone from screwing people to helping people get screwed.”

Aptly named TheyFit, the condoms come in a mind blowing 66 different sizes, which cover 125-238 mm (4.92”-9.4”) in length and 45-69 mm (1.77”- 2.72”) in width. The sizes comprise of combinations of 10 lengths and 10 widths with no assumptions made about length/width relationship.

So regardless of whether you’re long, short, thick or thin (or any combination) you’ll be able to find your perfect fit.

Update: In 2016, ONE® Condoms acquired TheyFit, and rebranded it to myONE® Perfect Fit condoms during it’s U.S. launch in Fall 2017. As part of this launch, ONE is excited to introduce 60 perfect-fit condom sizes to the United States.

These include sizes larger and smaller than anything currently available on the U.S. market, marking a historic shift in the range of condoms that are cleared by the FDA for sale. In Europe, myONE will continue to sell 66 condom sizes. myONE® condoms are available on

How does it work

You, or your partner, measure your erection using the company’s fitting kit to find out which of the 66 sizes will fit you the best and if that sounds complicated it’s really not – the fitting kit is just a printed pattern which you can find for free at

Recently the company added two new fitting methods – submitting one’s penile length and width in mm’s on the website, and answering a series of questions regarding how a standard condom fits you.

Rather than use labels like small, medium and large (which would clearly be off-putting for a lot of men) TheyFit assign a random code to each condom. So if I’m a B17 and you’re a M55 it’s not obvious who’s bigger – inspired thinking and a real neat touch.

TheyFit extends this idea of discretion and privacy even further – for example the random code on each pack is a sticker which you can remove, and where the code appears on the actual condom foil it can be rubbed off with your finger.

So if you’re really sensitive about your size then you can ensure nobody knows it. Alternatively if you’d like to broadcast it then that size sticker can surely be stuck to other things!

TheyFit’s founding goal is to offer as many sizes as possible because in doing so it minimizes the compromise any guy has to make when choosing his condom.

Compared to things like ribs, dots and spirals Nelson thinks correct fit trumps all, and his analogy of a correctly fit shoe or sneaker does make perfect sense. He split the issues that men currently suffer with standard condoms like so, and offered a solution to each:



Relation to Fit


The condom is too tight”

The condom is too narrow

Choose a looser fitting

The condom slips off”

The condom is too wide

Choose a tighter fitting

The condom doesn’t roll all the way down”

The condom is too short

Choose a longer fitting

There is excess latex at the base of the condom”

The condom is too long

Choose a shorter fitting

I lose feeling/sensation”

The condom is too tight

Choose a looser fitting

The company took just 72 hours after launching to sell each width and each length in the range of 66 sizes at least once.  Since launch in December and as of April 2012, 93% of customers rate TheyFit as better than other condoms they had previously used. 98% of them would recommend TheyFit to friends.

TheyFit Sizes

CondomWidth /
Nominal Width:
Length:Where to buy:
TheyFit Custom Fit Condom
theyfit sizes
45 mm (width)Length from 125 mm to 238 mmbuy theyfit
TheyFit Custom Fit Condom
theyfit sizes
47 mm (width)Length from 125 mm to 238 mmbuy theyfit
TheyFit Custom Fit Condom
theyfit sizes
49 mm (width)Length from 125 mm to 238 mmbuy theyfit
TheyFit Custom Fit Condom
theyfit sizes
51 mm (width)Length from 125 mm to 238 mmbuy theyfit
TheyFit Custom Fit Condom
theyfit sizes
53 mm (width)Length from 125 mm to 238 mmbuy theyfit
TheyFit Custom Fit Condom
theyfit sizes
55 mm (width)Length from 125 mm to 238 mmbuy theyfit
TheyFit Custom Fit Condom
theyfit sizes
57 mm (width)Length from 125 mm to 238 mmbuy theyfit
TheyFit Custom Fit Condom
theyfit sizes
60 mm (width)Length from 125 mm to 238 mmbuy theyfit
TheyFit Custom Fit Condom
theyfit sizes
64 mm (width)Length from 125 mm to 238 mmbuy theyfit
TheyFit Custom Fit Condom
theyfit sizes
69 mm (width)Length from 125 mm to 238 mmbuy theyfit

TheyFit Customer Feedback

Here are some of the things people have been saying about custom fit condoms:
theyfit feed back

How to Order TheyFit Condoms

As of May 2012 the company can ship to 39 countries worldwide. Customers from EU, Canada, Australia, Japan, India, South Africa or U.A.E. can order directly from their website at!

Perfect fit condoms are also now available for sale in the United States under the myONE® Perfect Fit brand name at or Walmart.

TheyFit Coupon Code

There’s also a special TheyFit discount for all readers. Use coupon code CS20 at the checkout and you’ll receive 20% off your first order!

101% Guarantee

As far as their guarantee goes, they are willing to go by their products with 101% assurance! This guarantee is crucial given that condom size plays a pivotal role not only when it comes to avoiding slippage during sex, but also at sustaining pleasure for the wearer.

Misfit condoms can lead to a variety of issues, to name some- breakage, uncomfortable experience, condom dryness, slippage among others. If the condom does not fit well, the company is willing to give the buyer a refund along with £1.

However, the buyer will have to ensure that they let the company know within 14 days of purchase to avail the same. Statistics point towards the success of this concept – all of their sizes were purchased in few days of the brand release in the market.


[1] Reece M, Herbenick D, Dodge B. Penile dimensions and men’s perceptions of condom fit and feel. Sex Transm Infect 2009;85: 127–31. (link)
[2] Tovey SJ, Bonell CP. Condoms: a wider range needed. BMJ1993;307:987. (link)
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[5] Crosby RA, Yarber WL, Graham CA, Sanders SA. Does it fit okay? Problems with condom use as a function of self-reported poor fit. Sex Transm Infect 2010;86:36–8.(link)

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