A Few Bucks FWD Review – Condom Forwarding Service Reviewed

In this post I’ll review a mail forwarding service from the UK called A few bucks FWD.


If you ever tried to order something from abroad you probably ran into two issues:

    a. the shipping was ridicously high
    b. the seller didn’t ship to your country from whatever reason

A lot of companies recognized this problem and started to offer mail forwarding services. Basically they would give you a local street or a PO box address which you would use as the shipping address. Once they received the package they would forward it to you.
A Few Bucks FWD operates in the same manner. They are based in the UK and they primarily forward smaller packages and items to the US & Canada, although they might accept other countries as well.
With time they became specialized in one type of product particurarly – condoms – and that’s the reason they got my attention!
One company was especially responsible for a growing interest in their service – TheyFit – UK based custom fit condom brand. Soon after launch people who struggled to find a proper fitting condom in the past rushed to try their revolutional custom fit condom. Unfortunately, guys from US and Canada were left short handed as Theyfit doesn’t yet ship across the pond.
With a small flat charge A few bucks FWD came out as a perfect solution. Relying solely on mouth by mouth recommendations they slowly grew and so far they’ve successfully forwarded over 2000 packages.

Update: ONE® Condoms acquired TheyFit, which as been rebranded as myONE® Perfect
Fit condoms during its U.S. launch in Fall 2017. As part of this launch, ONE is excited to introduce 60 perfect-fit condom sizes to the United States. These include sizes larger and smaller than anything currently available on the U.S. market, marking a historic shift in the range of condoms that are cleared by the FDA for sale. In Europe, myONE will continue to sell 66 condom sizes. Learn more at www.myonecondoms.com.

A AFBF review and my experience

A few bucks FWD (AFBF) website is located at www.afewbucksfwd.com. Their website desing certainly won’t knock you off your feet, but the site is pretty simple, straightforward and it serves its purpose. The process is described in three simple steps. The price is stated upfront, there are no hidden fees or long terms of services.
Below the general information there’s a form where you enter few details of the order plus your name, address, city…

Besides the main page there’s one more page with answers to the frequently asked questions. I’m not the only one it seems who wondered where are their contact details as they comment on this in the FAQ page:

“When we had a contact us page we got inundated with silly questions and spam. If you have a serious question please write it in the “special requests” box of the form and we’ll do our best to answer it.”

At first glance I was a bit suspicious, but as I’ve read positive feedback about AFBF on reddit, I decided to give them a try. I filled out a form with a special request filled in as well (I asked them to forward my package to Croatia which they agreed).

First I got an autoresponder message that my email was received and how they will reply shortly after. Indeed, I got their response the same day. They asked me what I will be forwarding and how many packages will I order (the price vary on the number of packs you order, but more about that later on).
When I was ready to place the order they’ve sent me their PO box address with detailed instructions about the ordering process.

I used it for the shipping address while ordering and the process went pretty smooth.

Three days later (Saturday) they informed me that my package arrived and that they will send it on Monday. My package arrived next Tuesday in a discrete packaging and there was no way to tell what’s inside without opening it.

AFBF Prices

AFBF usual forwarding fee is $5 for a small package. Regarding TheyFit condoms the regular price of $5 is valid for up to 4 six packs; 5 to 8 packs would cost you $10, and for the 10 pack deal that TheyFit offers you’d have to pay a $15 forwarding fee.

However, we’ve got a special discount for you! AFBF agreed to offer a 20% off discount to all condom-sizes.org readers, ie. just $4 fee per package. To redeem this offer just quote “CS.ORG” when making a forwarding request.


This was my first time using a mail forwarding service and the whole process went pretty smooth. Guys from AFBF are very professional and fast and I would recommend their service to anyone who needs a cheap and reliable way to get TheyFit condoms or forward any other smaller package from the UK.


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